~#WIPjoy Day 19: What’s one big reason you’re writing this story?~

What’s one big reason you’re writing this story?

Well, first off, I’m a rebellious teenager so I can’t just stick with one reason.

The first reason that comes to mind is: this story is burning inside of me. In all it’s variations, Dement embodies the soul of my writing, I think. Dement is//was my first real book. Whenever I finally finish it(this variation or the next or the next) I believe I will officially close the door on a large part of my writing journey. When Dement is finally done, I’ll probably no longer think of myself as a novice. Dement is the childhood of my writing. Therefore, I write it for myself.

Secondly, I write it because of it’s main themes that I mentioned yesterday: Fight and Overcome. I want to write this so readers can see it is possible to fight against overwhelming odds, and still overcome. Still make it through, survive to the end, and be able to live after the battle. I want to show how ugly and hard life can be, but shine the light of hope that there is an end, even if it’s not in sight yet. In that regard, I write it for others.

Last of all, I write this for my characters. I know I’ve said it time and again: Regillion and Nevaeh are my firstborns. I feel like I owe it to them to write their story (whatever story that may be) in it’s entirety. They deserve to have their own volume, even if it’s never published. Even if it wallows away in the depths of Scrivener, at the very least, I need to finish it for them.

That’s why I write Dement.

Tomorrow: What kind of reader desperately needs this book?


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