~#WIPjoy Day 16: Any words for future fans of you?~

Character take over week: Any words for future fans of you?

(Setting: Reggie, Nev, and I are all in the same room.)

Regillion: *after hearing the question* We have fans?

Me: Yes. Well, they’re technically beta readers right now, but they’re fans, yes. You’ll have more if Dement’s ever published.

Regillion: *confused eyebrow* Why would anyone be a fan of us?

Me: Regillion, oh my word. There are tons of people who are fans of you. They love you.

Regillion: Yeah, but love and being a fan are two totally different things.

Me: Omo, Regillion. Just… what would you say if you met any of the readers who love you?

Regillion: I… don’t… know that I would say anything.

Me: *facepalm*

Regillion: I’m so confused.

Me: What about you, Nevvy? What would you say to readers?

Nevaeh: *nervous shrug* I don’t know.

Me: *groaning* Okay I’m going to leave now because you two talk better when I’m not here. *leaves*


*Reggie and Nevvy look at each other*

Regillion: I think we’re supposed to answer the question now that she can’t hear us.

Nevaeh: Even though technically she can still hear us because we live in her head.

Regillion: Yes, that’s true, but she’s trying to help us out. What would we say to… fans?

Nevaeh: Why do we have to say anything to them?

Regillion: Nevvy, come on. It’s hypothetical. I think.

Nevaeh: What would YOU say?

Regillion: I guess it depends on what they said first?

Nevaeh: Lisa won’t be happy with that.

Regillion: *groans and flops into a chair* I know, I’m just… I don’t know what I would say? The way it’s worded, “Any words for future fans of you?” like, am I famous or something? Should I bestow a blessing on them or–?

Nevaeh: *muffled snort*

Regillion: Seriously, Nevaeh! I’m so confused!

Nevaeh: I know you are. It’s funny.

Regillion: *more groaning* Okay, I would probably just answer their questions and go with the flow of conversation. I wouldn’t pre-plan anything to say. That’s my official answer.

Nevaeh: Good, now we can go.

Regillion: Hey, you have to answer too.

Nevaeh: *eye roll* I would stand behind you and let you do all the talking.

(Since neither of them gave satisfactory answers, y’all can submit questions for them in the comments and I’ll make them answer them in a later post.)

Tomorrow: When alone, do you make faces in the mirror? ‘Fess up.


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