~#WIPjoy Day 15: How do you feel about your author?~

Character take over week: How do you feel about your author?

(Setting: I’m not actually with them in this one. Reggie and Nev are in an interview-ish room together. The question is written on a piece of paper.)

Reggie: *reads paper* Oh.

Nev: What is it? *comes to read over his shoulder. He holds it up for her to see* Ooh.

Reggie: Yeah.

Nev: How do we actually feel about her?

Reggie: Well, she’s not bad.

Nev: She can be pretty terrible sometimes.

Reggie: *nods* Definitely.

Nev: But I like her. Most of the time.

Reggie: *eyebrow* Most of the time?

Nev: Yeah, when she’s not making me answer questions like yesterday’s.

Reggie: True. How did you handle that?

Nev: *looks away* I… handled it. How do you feel about Lisa?

Reggie: *reads paper again* Well, *rubs back of his neck*

Nev: *studies him* What?

Reggie: Well, I’ve been in her head for a long time. We’re… I’m…

Nev: Her favorite, we know.

Reggie: No, no, I wasn’t going to use that word. We’re just-

Nev: You’re her oldest character, of course you’d be special to her. You’re her baby.

Reggie: OKAY WELL.

Nev: *laughing* It’s OKAY, Regillion. No one’s jealous about it. Someone had to be her first and you’re it.

Reggie: *sigh* Okay, yeah. I’ve just been with her for a long time. Like seven years. I’ve gone through a lot of variations. She’s… she’s home.

Nev: Can I say ‘aww’?

Reggie: Shut up.

Tomorrow: Any words for future fans of you?


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