~#WIPjoy Day 4: What emotions do you evoke with your setting?~



OKAY but seriously, actually, yes. The setting of Antico (the city) IS rather hopeless and despairing. Nevaeh’s backstory is SAD AND TERRIBLE and Reggie’s backstory is HEARTBREAKING AND PAINFUL and once Nevaeh lets out the secret, then it IS hopeless and despairing. The entire city is honestly doomed unless Nevaeh and Regillion can fix it and not DIE.

But I also want to convey a good mental image of a modern fantasy city. Antico is actually slightly based off Atlanta GA, big city-wise and also geographical placement. I used to have a rough sketch of where it sits compared to the coastline.

NO. I don’t have the picture OR the sketch anymore, apparently. BUT ANYWAY, if you imagine were Atlanta is and the general placement of the coastline along the entire South, Antico is placed similarly, but a little farther south. It’s not too terribly far from the coast. The river that runs through Antico goes straight south and dumps into the sea.

Tomorrow: Share a line with a detail about your protagonist’s past.


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