~#WIPjoy Day 2: What stage are you at with this project?~



I had a lovely thorough COMPLETE outline and I got about 14 chapters in and THE OUTLINE IS NO LONGER VALID. So that’s not very nice. I’m trying to rework my outline and brainstorm and figure out what I want. Well, I sort of know what I want, I’m just having SUCH A HARD problem getting my characters from A to B. (Actually probably something like L to M at this point.)

Because Dement is modern urban fantasy then I’m having a wee bit o’ trouble working around the technology and political aspects of it. Last week I finally went back and erased about two chapters because I realized part of my problem is I had flashbacked to some scenes I should have written out first hand. SO that is slight progress, but I’m still mostly blocked.

So the stage I’m at right now is: stuck.

BUT I’m actively doing some things to try and get my UNstuck and back on track to plotting this thing out, so I’m not (too) down about it.

Tomorrow: Describe your WIP with 5 verbs.


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 2: What stage are you at with this project?~

  1. Yayyy for getting unstuck!!! Honestly outlines can be so rude when suddenly the characters stop listening to them. *heavy sigh* In the last book I wrote I accidentally (oh stop laughing at me, hmph) killed a character WHO WAS NOT IN THE OUTLINE TO DIE and it messed everything up royally. Disagreeable fiendish characters. Ahem. But anyway. I hope plotting from L to M works out for you!! :D

    1. Uggggghhhh yes. And see, Dement hasn’t even gone THAT FAR off course. I just need to work through this one part that I didn’t detail very well and figure out exactly which part of the outline needs to go and which part is still valid. I can’t just rewrite this entire part. That would actually be easier xD

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