~#WIPjoy DAY 1: Tell us about your WIP~

First of all– EEEK HERE WE ARE WITH A BRAND NEW #WIPjoy FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. June was SO FUN and I’m excited to see how this month goes.


Tell us about your WIP!

Again, I am working with Dement. I’ve honestly barely touched it since June, but I’m trying to remedy that. Y’all already know quite a lot about Dement, if you followed June’s #WIPjoy, but I’ll give a few refreshers to everyone knows what Dement is about.


Dement’s full title is Dementophobia, which means fear of insanity. The main characters are Regillion Demetrius Diegolo and Nevaeh Rose Green.


For the past twelve years Nevaeh has been forced to be a drug runner for a cartel living underneath the city. After discovering a terrible secret about the endangers the entire city, she escapes and Regillion picks her up, having previously met her, but not knowing what she is. They set out to protect the city and destroy the cartel.

Tomorrow: What stage are you at with this project?


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy DAY 1: Tell us about your WIP~

  1. Eeep! I am excited about you doing this again! Also because you’ll blog a lot and I’ll get to read your marvellousness. :)

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