~Bullet Journal Flip through Vlog Part 2~

Yooooo I actually got this one together without much trouble.




I mention quite a few supplies in this video. Here are direct links to all of them.

My Faber-Castell pen. I got mine at Michaels for around $4. Amazon has them for $6 ish.

This is the 36 set that I mentioned. Here are the 20 and the 10 set as well.

And the Washi Tape.

(This post contains affiliate links. That just means if you happen to follow these links and buy the item, I will receive a modest sum at no extra cost to you.)

Ugh, I feel like all I did was throw links at you instead of write a real post. ANYWHO. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VLOG AT LEAST.



4 thoughts on “~Bullet Journal Flip through Vlog Part 2~

  1. I ENJOYED THE VLOG IT IS NICE HEARING YOUR VOICE. :D :D (And I have those same pens!! Only I ordered mine off ebay because Amazon hates Australia *cries* and they cost me far too much hahha. But they also make great bookstagram props, so it is winning.) Also I love your bullet journal!😍

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