I had an adventure this evening.

So I’m housesitting, and I left for work this morning, because yo, apparently I like going from job, to job, to job. Legit, yesterday I went housecleaning, came to housesit and spent the night, got up this morning and went to my houseKEEPING job, and then came home tonight to housesit some more.

But first. Some other things.

So I get done with housekeeping//cooking early because the dogs at the housesitting job need to be let out. Obstacle: I had exactly 84 things to do between housekeeping job and housesitting job.

So I run home, grab food and shower stuff and clothes and food to take to a lady from church who recently came home from a nursing home. I also discovered it would have been much easier to have gone by her house YESTERDAY instead of tonight. Oh well.

So. Run by the lady’s house, try not to be rude because I STILL NEED TO GO LET THOSE DOGS OUT. Give her the food, introduce myself because I’d never actually met her before, and leave.

Next stop: bank. Which I thought would be closed but YO IT’S OPEN UNTIL 5:30 ON FRIDAYS YAY. Run INSIDE bank(as opposed to outside at the teller) and throw my money at them and leave.

Okay. S’all good. On the way to housesitting job, finally. Brain is going about 400 miles an hour by now. Probably about 415mph.

So as I’m pulling into the driveway I realize a thing.

I forgot to take the key with me this morning.


I sat in the car for a few minutes and thought about that.

Now, for a few other facts: my phone has been 97% dead for like half the day and even though I have a car charger it is exactly the slowest charger in the universe so instead of 97% dead it’s about 92% dead.

Second fact: It’s really hot outside.

Really, really hot.

The people I’m housesitting for had given me the number of the wife’s sister, so I tried calling that number twice and no one answered. Uggghhhnnnn.

So I turn my car off (effectively turning the charger off too), get out of the car, and go searching for a possible extra key. There is none (that I could find).

I come back to my car and turn it on and plug in my phone and blast the AC. And think.

The wife’s brother lives next door. (They also live in the country, so ‘next door’ is like half a mile away XD okay joking. It wasn’t that far.) So I decide that maybe he has a key. I drive over to his house and just as I park the car, my phone rings.

It’s the people who I’m housesitting for.

I answer the phone and they ask, “Hey, how are the dogs doing?”

So I say, “Well. They’re fine. But I locked myself out of the house.”

Them: “WHAT?”

So they tell me to go back to their house and look in a few places for a possible key. I looked and didn’t find anything. So I call them back. (Keep in mind my phone is nearly dead at this point and is only getting charged when my car is running.) This time they guide me through where a key might be. I find the hiding spot (had to move some ferns and get way too close to some dead bugs). There’s no key.

So NOW they ask me if I can get to any of the windows to pop the screen out and they say that they might have left one of the windows unlocked. I say, cool, yeah, I can pop a screen out. And climbing through a window is fun too.

So I hang up on my dead phone. (Keep in mind it’s really, really hot outside. I’m drenched in sweat.)


(Do you know the definition of that word?)


So I go around and try to get some screens out. Now if this was MY HOUSE I could have ripped every single screen off the entire house in the time it took me to fiddle with some of the screens and find a ladder and fiddle some more and WHY ARE THERE LITTLE LIP THINGIES HANGING OVER THE EDGES OF THE SCREENS SO I CAN’T POP THEM OUT LIKE NORMAL SCREENS.

(Confession: I really just wanted to be able to say I climbed in through a window. But alas. It was not meant to be.)

SO. BEFORE the couple had hung up with me, they said if I couldn’t get any window open, to text their daughter who had a key, but she lives like an hour, little over an hour away.

So I give up on the windows and the screens and go back to my car and turn it on and plug in my phone and turn the AC on.

Their daughter had texted me and asked if we could meet at a shopping center sort of half way for both of us. YES THAT WORKS. Even though I don’t want to drive that far. I don’t want to drive ANY far right now.

But I went and drove past a Dairy Queen and tried to convince myself to get a blizzard. I was unconvinced.

So I meet their daughter and get the key and come back and I get the door unlocked and finally let the dogs out.

And now I’m going to take a shower because I am disgusting.

Oh and I forgot to bring clean socks with me.

~Your Pickle.



10 thoughts on “~aDVENTURES~

  1. Ayiyi girl, what a day! (Funny how all your jobs are house stuff. Next step is building them, right? XD) Glad you’re okay and that you’re choosing to see it as an adventure! I would’ve liked to have been able to say I climbed through a window too. Good experience for writing. XD

  2. Woah that sounds like a crazy time.😂 I’m glad it all worked out though! Even if you didn’t get to fabulously climb through a window.😜

  3. Quite the rigmarole!
    At least there are perks to these misadventures- life lessons and writing fodder!
    I had to climb through a window once. My door broke, so it was all I could do.

    1. Yeeeeees. Any time anything happens I’m just like “now I can write this from experience” XD Once I locked myself out of our house in Texas WHILE MY MOM WAS OUT OF TOWN and so my aunt’s dad had to come and show us how to pick lock the door. It was really cool XD

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