~JUNE RECAP: Twitter challenges, working to death, company visiting, BUT I SURVIVED~

YO. GUYS. I SURVIVED JUNE. Also it felt so weird not writing posts for the last three days. Thursday I almost wrote a post just because I missed talking to y’all every single day XD BUT. I have several post ideas and I want to be posting more because June was so fun, so maybe I can keep this ball rolling a bit.


In life happenings; I worked every single weekday last month AND I went out every day for one reason or anything. There was going to be ONE Saturday that I didn’t have anything planned, but then I decided to take myself shopping and to lunch so… that happened XD I had a friend visit for a week, my parents went traveling twice, I went to a Michael’s Planner Party and did an art journal spread in my Bullet Journal. I did NOT end up hosting that sleepover I mentioned last month, because plans changed. I honestly thought that this month would eat me alive because I was just so //busy// but I actually kept up pretty well! I didn’t get exhausted or overwhelmed.

Art journal spread


WELL. As I already mentioned, I took the twitter challenge #WIPjoy and made it a blog series. I can’t believe I kept up with it all month long! It was probably pretty dumb to try and take that on ON TOP OF everything else I knew I was doing, but somehow I managed XD I only skipped one question, but still wrote a post for that day, and only once did I completely forget a day, but I caught up the next day and wrote two posts. I think I did pretty good XD

I am planning to finally start a vlog series on my Bullet Journal. Several people have asked me about it and I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it, but by now it would be easier to do a vlog, and now it needs to be several parts because of how my BuJo has evolved in these three short months. (My three-month Bullet Journal birthday is tomorrow!) So at the very least, if I don’t post anything else, I am planning to get that series started. I’m excited to show you my planning system ^.^




I ACTUALLY READ A THING THIS MONTH. Last month I think I mentioned that I had read some books by Lynette Eason? WELL I happen to have three more of her books getting dusty on my shelf and I managed to read one a few weeks ago. And the other day I started another one.

No One to Trust (Hidden Identity, #1)

AND YESTERDAY I got eight books at a used bookstore. INCLUDING FOUR FRUITS BASKET VOLUMES. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW RARE THESE ARE TO FIND? I possibly gasped really loud and stood staring at them with my hand over my mouth for probably ten seconds or more. And I found this lovely book on writing letters and notes. Lately I’ve been writing more letters and cards to people, so this was a wonderful find.


(Related to that: I also go sealing wax and stamps last month which is 100% why I’ve been writing more letters. Seal aaaaallllllllllll the envelopes.)




Unless you count talking about my book all month long as part of writing then no, I did not write anything this month.

Well, wait. I did write a sort of long-ish scene when two of my friends dragged me into a word war. But I didn’t do any writing in Dement. Work is stealing all of my time XD BUT I think I’m going to write up a post introducing my main WIPs since so many of you were interested in Dement, so you can know about my other books. I’m planning to do #WIPjoy in the fall when it comes back and I’ll probably do either Broken Wing or Red Hearts for that one, so I figure it would be nice for you to know a little bit about them before that comes around. (aren’t I a nice human?)

BUT. For those of you who followed my #WIPjoy posts and would like to read Dementophobia, I HAVE IT POSTED ON WATTPAD. I kept meaning to mention it all month long but it never fit anywhere. Hope on over and read what I’ve written so far.



I posted a few things on Instagram this month. A little more than usual? I think? Maybe? Goodness, I don’t keep track.

(Okay I just checked and I posted four whole pictures. Nevermind then XD)



I already mentioned #WIPjoy, which is supposed to be a twitter challenge but nooooo I have to go break the rules and do it my own way. BUT. FOR TWITTER-ISH NEWS. I probably said this last month but GO FOLLOW MY DARLING HUMANS THAT I LOVE. These people are the best and you will not regret following their craziness. Hannah, Wendy, Katherine, Zac, and my NEW HUMANS(as in, they recently became mine) Brianna, Amanda, Gabriela, Sierra, Aimee. And Cait. But everyone already knows Cait because she’s ACTUALLY A FAMOUS CHILD but go follow her anyway.



Once again, I haven’t been able to make or post anything new, due to my new job and being so busy. But there are still a number of available pieces in my shop. Trying to decide what to make time for around working is hard, but writing and blogging come before crafting, when I do have a spare minute. Unfortunately I can’t do everything, but I’m actually okay with not crafting as much as I did a few months ago.



Goodness, I need to make some more headers. I need a ‘Bullet Journal’ header and I never made a ‘tumblr’ one because I never used tumblr… until I revamped it and now I follow 93% Bullet Journal related blogs. I’m tempted to make a new tumblr account(my current one is ‘godsdaughterforever’ like my old blog) with a more up-to date name, and then I might use it and mention it more often.

There are just too many things to do in life, that’s all there is to it.

I hope all of you had a wonderful month!

~Your Pickle


6 thoughts on “~JUNE RECAP: Twitter challenges, working to death, company visiting, BUT I SURVIVED~

  1. SO MUCH BUSY!! And I’m very glad you survived. ;) I’m honestly in awe of you conquering all that without getting too overwhelmed or stressed! *cheers for you* AWWW, YOU ARE NICE TO LINK TO MY TWITTER THERE. *feels famous* And Im’ really annoyed but the Fruits Basket that I got out from the library has to go back and I didn’t get to read it. :( I shall have to borrow it again some other time. Agh, the life of a bookworm with too many books…which is entirely my fault BUT I FEEL FEW REGRETS TBH.

    I can’t wait for your bullet journal vlogs!!

    1. NUUUUUU but I totally understand. I need you to eat Furuba so we can flail together(FACT I FORGOT TO TELL YOU: one of the main characters is a writer XD)

      I CAN’T WAIT EITHER. I honestly almost filmed the first one today, but that didn’t happen. I’m aiming for Tuesday though I don’t know if it’ll get posted that day or not.

  2. You’ve been writing letters, sealed with sealing wax! Why don’t more people to this amazing thing?
    Makes me think of quirky poetry, though.

    “Of shoes and ships and sealing wax….”

    1. I DON’T KNOW BUT EVERYONE SHOULD DO IT. I only know one other person who does, and I have another acquaintance who makes sealing wax. That’s what gave me the idea to get into it. BUT IT’S ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS AND AMAZING AND FUN. I love it way more than I should XD

      But it IS poetic and old-world and romantic and all sorts of lovely things XD

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