~#WIPjoy FINAL DAY: What are you planning for your next WIP after this one?~

First of all: I MADE IT THROUGH THIS THING. I can’t believe this is the last day o___o I only skipped one question, but I still wrote a post that day, and only once did I completely forget a day, but I caught up the next day with two posts. I DID IT, GUYS. AAAHHHHHH.

As for the question: I’m not sure what I’ll be working on when I finish Dementophobia. Broken Wing flung a new aspect of itself at me a few weeks ago, so that needs some attention so I can figure out how it’ll all fit together. Red Hearts is tempting me to do NaNo this year, but I don’t even know when Dement will be finished, and Red Hearts needs a TON of plotting and editing and work. Mark of the Rose would benefit from some specific plotting and attention, and Assets is gallivanting along it’s merry way. To what, no one knows XD

So I guess the real answer would be: I’ll be plotting Broken Wing, and possibly Red Hearts at the same time.

And maybe Dement‘s sequel will worm it’s way into the spotlight as well >.>

Basically: I have no clue XD



I can’t believe I made it COMPLETELY through #WIPjoy! Deciding to make each prompt into a post was a great idea. Deciding to do it during this crazy-busy month was a dumb idea, but I survived XD

Thank you to EVERYONE who read and commented. I had so much fun telling you about Dement. Your love and excitement for it means the world to me XD

Special thanks to commenters tobeashennachie and Skye. You two commented on every. single. post. Did you even realize that??? You have NO idea how amazing that was for me. I’m not sure whether you did it on purpose or not, but your dedication to reading and commenting made my month (literally XD).

This month was a blast and now I’m so pumped to blog more often. Maaaaaybe not every single day, but we’ll see ;) You all are fabulous and I love every one of you.

~Your Picklicus


9 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy FINAL DAY: What are you planning for your next WIP after this one?~

  1. *applauds* YOU DID SO WELL, LISA, CONGRATS!!! I loved learning all the little tidbits and details about Dement. <3 And ohhh plotting two books at once? Multi-tasking. GO YOU. :D (I'm like plotting a gazillion books at once and my brain really needs to nope.😂)


      Well technically I’m ALWAYS plotting all my books… because that’s what writers do XD But I think I need to officially dedicate brain power to at LEAST one project XD


    I’m SO in awe of you for keeping up with this, and it was just a BLAST to read. I’m really, really gonna miss getting a WIPJoy post from you everyday. D:

  3. You finished, good for you! Its hard to stick to a thing like that. All the books too, I am excited for whatever comes next. Did I comment on every post, wow. I didn’t realize that.

  4. Wow, last one! What an achievement! I’ll miss these though. I looked forward to these daily snippets.
    Looks like you have quite a few other projects on the go. I hope to hear about them, also!

    (aw, you’re welcome, Lisa- and thank you!)

    1. Bethany Jennings hosts #WIPjoy regularly? I mentioned the last one she did was in March, so HOPEFULLY there will be another one in the next few months and then I’ll definitely do this again. I loved it so much and it makes me happy that so many of you loved it too and looked forward to each post *calmly flailing* I’ll do a different WIP next time so y’all can learn about more of my books. Probably Broken Wing? (AAAHHH NOW I’M ALL EXCITED TO DO BROKEN WING FOR #WIPjoy *calmly flailing more)

      (you’re very welcome XD you are fabulous)

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