~#WIPjoy Day 28: What do you want your future book cover to look like?~


This is the cover I’m using on Wattpad, and honestly I would love to have it be my real cover if Dement ever gets published. My dear friend Ashley made it for me several years ago when I was writing Old Dement, and honestly it didn’t fit Old Dement thaaaat well, but I still loved it. Now that I have this new plot and world for Dement, it fits a lot better and I love it even more than I did before.

Originally, when Ashley offered to make me a cover (because I am worse than inept at digital art and anything of that nature) we decided on fire and a castle, because Regillion lived in this decrepit, abandoned castle that was only half inhabitable. And also he had sleep and dark issues, so we wanted some fire to give light.

She made this and it’s absolutely AMAZING but honestly it didn’t fit Old Dement. Reggie’s castle didn’t have a top peak like that, and the flames were too large to really represent candlelight.

But now.


The Capital Building has a peak similar to the one on the cover, and the burning flames make me feel like Antico-slash-the Capital Building are burning down: aka Reggie’s life and everything he’s known. The city is burning from the inside out and no even realizes it. The flames lick up toward the very top of the building as if choking and suffocating it and there’s no way to escape. I love how the sky is grey and black and how the fire is the only thing that’s in color. Antico is very dead and grey and lifeless, so the representation is awesome.

I’m in love with this cover. If I settle on a different one if Dement gets published, it will have to surpass this one by a long shot, which won’t be easy XD

Tomorrow: What’s the best thing people can say to you about this WIP?


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 28: What do you want your future book cover to look like?~

  1. It is a nice cover! :D Way better than any I’ve ever done, awk. I’m so bad at making fake-covers for my books.😂

    1. I love your covers XD I actually have half a dozen or so covers for Dement and Illum(the sequel to Old Dement). A few I made and they are laaaaaame. But Ashley and Skye made me a few and they’re much nicer XD

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