~#WIPjoy Day 27: What threatens your writing joy and how do you combat it?~

Questions like this should not be answered a 9:26 at night after I’ve worked legit eleven hours and all I want to do is crawl in bed


I love you

so here we are

This might not be as serious and deep as it should be. I feel like there might be a truthful, deep, meaningful answer somewhere in the depths of my heart

but it’s 9:29

so we’re just gonna do with whatever my brain decides to spit out.

That’s exactly what you came here for. Brain spit. Yeeeeep.

I’m procrastinating.


Right NOW sleep and tiredness is STEALING YM WRITING JOY SO THERE. that’s your answer

i’m not even going to fix that typo

this is legit brain spit guys. i’ve even stopped using caps

this is bad

i should go to bed but i really want to answer this question with a real answer.

But I need to find a real answer first.

So here we are.

It’s 9:35 now.

You needed o know that.

I promise you, I’m actually trying to think up something real for this, but it’s 9:39pm and my brain is just not cooperating.

But whether or not I actually answer the question, you will have a post to read, so there is that. And hopefully this might be the slightest bit amusing, so it will be worth it.



Oh, wait, there’s one.

I would have to say perfectionism is what threatens my joy and motivation for writing. I really have to fight to not judge every single word I write and just let my first draft be what it will be. It’s so hard to remember that I can edit later, but first I need to have something TO edit, and that makes getting a first draft done.

So there. Now you have a legit real answer.

And I’m going to bed.

TOMORROW: WHAT DO YOU WANT THE FUTURE BOOK COVER TO BE LIKE(if you already have one, share!) [why couldn’t this prompt have been today’s so I wouldn’t have to put thought into the post. alas, life.]

[okay goodnight]



4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 27: What threatens your writing joy and how do you combat it?~

  1. Shoo, get some rest! I know it seems to be the standard for writers (and working people) to be sleep deprived, but you have to be able to function somewhat.

    I’m a perfectionist, and my writing-joy is threatened because of it. It’s usually a struggle with the plot. If I’m not entirely certain where to go next, I’m stuck.

    1. I got some good rest last night XD It DOES seem to be the standard, which I actually break more often than not XD I usually don’t stay up late at alllll but I got home from work at 8:20ish and then we ate supper and so I ended up being up a bit late. My writing group jokes that I’m a gramma, just because I’m usually in bed before 9, and I get up at 6:30 most mornings XD

      Me toooooo. If I can’t really visualize the next scene or the next plot point, I’m completely stuck.

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