~#WIPjoy Day 26: What keeps you working on your WIP?~

The characters. Definitely. I do love the plot, but I actually don’t care as much about it as you’d think XD The characters are everything to me. These were my first real babies and they mean so, so much to me. I keep writing Dement because I never ever want to say goodbye to them. I want to see them grow and learn and mature. I write because I can never get enough of their relationships and interactions. I would honestly write them in any sort of story or plot, just to keep writing them.

It’s the characters that really make any story for me, but even compared to some of my other WIPs, I wouldn’t have the same love for them if I took them out of their story and put them anywhere else. With Broken Wing, for example, if I put them in any other plot, half of their dynamic and personalities would fall through, because it’s so tightly hinged on the plot.

With Dement, I could write about Nevaeh and Reggie going grocery shopping and they would still have the same relationship, interactions, dynamic. Maybe that makes them stronger characters, being able to just pick them up and put them into any sort of situation, instead of being tied to just one book. Or maybe not. To me, at least, it gives them an age-old, weary, wanderlust feel, because they are so much more than just the story they’re in.

Tomorrow: What threatens your writing joy and how do you combat it?


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 26: What keeps you working on your WIP?~

    1. Thank yoooooouuuuu.



      Nevvy ran out of her supplement that combats the Melorine, so they went to the drug store and that’s where Reggie bought all of that soup he didn’t need. So I sort of HAVE written them going grocery shopping XD

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