~#WIPjoy Day 23: Is this a kissing book?~

When the prompts for this #WIPjoy came out a bit before June and I skimmed them, I started mentally writing posts for some of them because there were things I knew I wanted to say, or the answer was easy.

This was one of those prompts XD I’ve had this post in my head for the last month.



This is not a kissing book.

Unless you count one forehead kiss.

Honestly none of my books are kissing books, because I don’t write pre-marital kissing. It’s just a person standard for me, with few exceptions. So far, the only exception was a scene where one of the characters died, and so the couple kissed right before he passed away.

I don’t have a problem reading kissing scenes in books and I don’t judge anyone who writes them XD It’s just a personal thing for me. Sometimes I wish I would let myself write kisses, because I do love me a good kissing scene XD But I won’t betray myself that way.

I believe there is one forehead kiss at the end of Dement though, and possibly a few more before the end; we’ll have to see. I love forehead kisses a lot, so there might be a few more that sneak in XD

Tomorrow: Tell us something your character would hate for us to know (mwahahah).


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 23: Is this a kissing book?~

  1. I prefer my books that way. When there’s a lot of kissing I start to get that awkward third-wheel feeling. Or worse, I feel as if I’ve walked in on a private moment.

    Looking forward to tomorrow (grins wickedly).

    1. Saaaame. Like, a good sweet kissing scene is nice, especially if you’re seriously shipping the characters. But if it gets too serious//graphic I’m like “ooookay I don’t actually need to be seeing//reading this”

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