~#WIPjoy, Day 21: Does the weather or nature act as antagonist at any point?~

Not that I know of so far. Unless you count Melorine because it is a natural, plant based substance. But weather I would definitely say no. Other forces of nature, I’m not sure yet, but I would venture to say no.

Because Melorine is a natural substance though, the forest//nature nymphs have a higher natural resistance to it than humans. This is one of the reasons Nevaeh was kidnapped to become a runner, because she’s a quarter nymph. Many of Horowitz’s cartel members are addicted to the Mel, but he also have a decent amount of nymphs in his hand, which he uses for runners and other specific jobs that he’s rather not have a druggie doing. In Nevaeh’s case, he sends her on the more public, high-risk drops in the middle of more well to-do areas of Antico, instead of sending someone who looks wasted.

Nevaeh also takes a natural supplement, Silverleaf, that helps the body resist any sort of addiction. With that plus her natural resistance, I believe she’s either 87% or 89% immune to the Melorine.

Tomorrow: Share a line about a smell.


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy, Day 21: Does the weather or nature act as antagonist at any point?~

    1. Oh, it definitely is XD Even though Horowitz it the one who spread it through the water source, the real antagonist they’re fighting is the fact that the city IS contaminated, not necessarily Horowitz himself.

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