~#WIPjoy Day 20: Share a line that mentions food~

Omo I think this might be my favorite prompt XD

Okay, most of y’all have probably seen this snippet already, BUT IT’S KIND OF MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE ENTIRE BOOK SO HERE YOU GO.

Reggie went back to the table and started emptying the bags, tossing them onto the floor and heaping the random food items on the table. Nevaeh had no idea where everything belonged, but she wasn’t sure she trusted Regillion in the kitchen at the moment. She wasn’t sure she trusted him to be on his feet.
“Hey, how about you sit down.” She suggested, pulling out a chair.
“The soup goes in the cabinet beside the stove.” He said, dropping into the chair.
“What?” she asked. Goodness, he was concerned about where she put his soup?
He pointed to the mountain of soup cans that had filled two entire bags. “Cabinet beside the stove.” He repeated.
Nevaeh rolled her eyes and scooped up an armful of cans, taking them over to the correct cabinet. She sat down on the floor and opened it.
“Oh, my stars.” She breathed.
Inside the cabinet was enough soup to make it through an apocalypse.
He had just bought enough soup to make it through an apocalypse.
“How much soup do you eat?!” she demanded, shoving the cans onto the shelf and going back for another armload.

And this part where Reggie threw a fit over eating vegetables.

(it’s long and I am not sorry)

Regillion sat up straighter and reached for the dish closest to him, only to freeze with his hands half outstretched to stare in horror at the contents of the dish.
“Mrs. Potts. What is that.”
She turned from filling Monni’s glass with water. “A veggie bake.”
His eyes widened. “Does it have vegetables in it?”
Mrs. Potts slammed the pitcher down beside Kail and planted her hands on her hips. “Yes, of course it does. I did say ‘veggie bake’ didn’t I?”
Regillion snatched his hands away and sat as far back into his chair as possible. “I won’t eat it.”
“For heaven’s sake, Regillion!” Mrs. Potts cried.
“You know I don’t eat vegetables if they’re not in soup!” he cried back.
“It has bread crumbs and pork and all sorts of other delicious things in it.” Mrs. Potts said, marching around Monni and Regent to stand over Regillion.
“I won’t eat it.” He insisted.
“You come home after nine months and the first thing you do is refuse to eat my cooking!”
“You know better than to feed my vegetables if they’re not in soup!” he wailed.
“What difference does it make whether they’re in soup or not?” she demanded.
“Soup makes anything bearable.”
“Bearable? Bearable??? Since when has any of my food been simply bearable?” she raged.
“Since the first time you made me eat vegetables!”
“Oh, for land’s sake, Regillion. Fine, don’t eat it then.” She moved the dish away and shoved the server of roast at him. “Just eat something, Regillion, you look like skin and bones. Has he been eating anything at all?”
This question was directed at Nevaeh who had been watching the entire exchange with barely controlled amusement. She stammered for an answer to Mrs. Potts question.
“I, uh, he ate… I think he ate breakfast this morning. And coffee. He’s drank a lot of—”
“Coffee does not count! This child would live on nothing but coffee until he withered away into ash.” Mrs. Potts pointed at accusatory finger at Reggie’s head with the words ‘this child’ before turning to him with her hands on her hips once again. “You ate this morning? What about lunch? Have you eaten anything since this morning?”
“No.” He answered.
“Stars of heaven, Regillion, you are going to waste away! You eat a full meal right now or so help me I will feed you myself.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
She hmphed and swept out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind her, Monni and Regillion dissolved into laughter. Regent and Kail rolled their eyes, and Nevaeh stared at them all, trying to comprehend everything that had just transpired.

Basically: Mrs. Potts is the best and Reggie is actually a five year old.

Tomorrow: Does the weather or nature act as antagonist at any point?


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 20: Share a line that mentions food~

  1. AHHHH THIS MADE ME LAUGH. I hadn’t read the 2nd snippet before and ajfdkslafd THAT IS ADORABLE HIM AND HIS ANTI-VEGETABLES. (I relate ahhh. Ahem.) And awk Mrs. Potts is everybody’s mother. <3

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