~#WIPjoy Day 19: Does your WIP have a contagonist?~

Points to Bethany for making me look up that word so I know what it means.

Points for me for being nice and putting the definition here so y’all don’t have to look it up.


There you have it.

Does your WIP have a contagonist?

Using the definition above, most of my side characters would be considered contagonists. Monni would probably be the most prominent though, followed closely by Regent. I have a feeling a few other characters might crop up and become more important than I thought, but we shall see.

It would help if I actually had time to dedicate to this thing. I have the opening for the next chapter I need to write, but I’ve been so busy and tired I don’t have time to write. #WIPjoy is really helping keep it in the front of my mind though, so it’s not getting buried.

Tomorrow(actually tomorrow this time): Share a line that mentions food (ooooh boy this will be fun.)


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 19: Does your WIP have a contagonist?~

  1. I have never heard of the phrase “contagonist”. Wow. Is it just the fantasy way of saying secondary character then?! 😂 I’m trying to think if my stories have contagonists and SOMETIMES they do…but it’s more fun when they don’t. ahhaha. Ahem.

  2. I see this word and immediately think: conman. Oh, brother.
    I’d say every story should have a conman- I mean contagonist. I don’t like to have the protagonists being all alone (at least, not for very long).

    1. Conmen are acceptable too >.> I do love me some crime-y books.

      Yes, I like multi-character casts where each one leans and depends on each other and you know if any of them were alone, none of them would make it. Friendship for the win ^.^

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