~#WIPjoy Day 16: What sticks with you about the ending?~

Oh goodness.

First I must confess: I haven’t outlined my ending to my satisfaction. I HAVE an outline for it but I want to rework it and I know it’ll change from what I originally thought once I get to it, because that’s how writing works.

It’s hard for me to say what STICKS with me about the ending, because I really love my ending and I think it’ll be really satisfying. Not everything is wrapped up and fixed at the end, not yet, but I like those open endings where you know the characters will go one and continue living, continue cleaning up the mess that happened in the book, continue rebuilding their lives. I like endings that have hope in them. It’ll still be hard for the characters, they still have a lot to face after the reader closes the book, but you know they’ll overcome and be stronger and better for it. That’s the ending I want Dement to have. An ending of hope.

Tomorrow: At the end, how has your protagonist/s made you proud?


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 16: What sticks with you about the ending?~

  1. I like your criteria for an ending. :’) Although you know me, I really like the open of openest endings *cough*DeadBoy*cough* because finding that perfect ending is so so hard.😂 I do like endings of hope! I’m glad Dement has one. :’)

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