~#WIPjoy Day 12: A chapter beginning you love!

I will have self contol and not copy and  paste every single chapter opening I have XD

 “One medium, hazelnut mocha with extra whipped cream and…” the barista checked the receipt in his hand. “A dash of cinnamon on top.”
Nevaeh beamed as she reached for the cup. “That’s the one. Thank you very much.”
The barista gave her another wide smile, but Nevaeh politely ignored him as she popped the lid off her cup and carefully took a bite out of the mount of whipped cream.


 Regillion saw her walking on the sidewalk, unmistakable in her beanie and bright teal purse. He frowned, noticing how fast she walked—as fast as possible without running. Easing his foot off the gas pedal, he scanned the sidewalk in her wake. About a dozen yards behind her, two rough looking bouncers charged through the crowd, matching her step for step.


 Regent’s phone chimed and he pulled it out to read the notification.
“The autopsy results are in.” He said, glancing up at Regillion.


 “Don’t tell them.” She whispered. “Please don’t tell them.”


Come back tomorrow to read about what I want readers to feel toward my protagonists at the beginning and at the end of my book.


7 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 12: A chapter beginning you love!

  1. I DO like that first one…no wait. Maybe I don’t like it because IT MAKES ME REALLY WANT TO TRY ONE OF THOSE MOCHAS. I HAVE A SEVERE CRAVING RIGHT NOW. Blame to you. ;)
    Also all of these are delightfully captivating. That’s what makes such a god chapter opening, right?!? ;D

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