~#WIPjoy, Day 11: A minor character with author-headcanon you adore~

Ugh, honestly I can’t think of any headcanons I’ve made up. I even consulted Vandi, because most of the headcanons about Dement she helped make up XD But I can’t remember any of them. I KNOW there were some involving Kail and Elisabeth, and there’s a ton of stuff about Kail and Reggie hating each other. Except that’s canon XD In Old Dement, Kail hated Reggie for kidnapping Nevaeh, even after the rest of the family forgave him, and in Current Dement, Kail and Reggie never got along even though they basically grew up together.

Kail just has problems getting along with people XD

I was trying to think up stuff to tell y’all though, so this post would have something in it, and I remembered how Regent and Monni met. SO. Monni is a nymph. Half nymph now(possibly. That might change) but she was full blooded in Old Dement. But Monni’s a nymph and Regent got lost in the enchanted nymph forest and she scared the lights out of him multiple times by playing pranks on him when he was already freaked out. Then she took pity on him and lead him out of the forest. I don’t exactly know how they ended up falling in love and getting married, but I THINK I might write their story one day. POSSIBLY. Maybe. It would be hilarious fun XD

Other tid bits: In Old Dement, Elisabeth was the daughter of the town baker and Nevaeh and her brothers would sneak down the bakery and play with Elisabeth and eat goodies she gave them. In Current Dement, she still owns a bakery called Elisabakery. I haven’t quite worked out how she ended up being best friends with Nevaeh and knowing their family and all, but her mom probably worked for them as a cook or something.

Tomorrow: Share a chapter beginning you love. (hint: all of them)


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