~#WIPjoy Day 10: Share a line that makes you want to hug a character~

All of them.

All the lines.

The entire book makes me want to hug every single one of them.

But if you insist.

He was hunched over the edge of the table, arms wrapped around himself as if to protect his body from a cold wind.
“Hey, hey, are you okay?” she leaned over and touched his shoulder. “Okay, I know you’re not okay, but are you gonna make it? You look like you’re gonna pass out or just… or just dissolve. Hey, Reggie? Reggie?”
She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him up so she could see his face. Upon first glance, that day at the coffee shop, she had thought his skin seemed pale, almost an unhealthy white, but not quite. Now his skin color was so far beyond that that white would have looked young and rosy in comparison. His cheeks were hollow and shadowed, his eyes vacant. His lips were a stark crimson surrounded by cement gray.


 “Don’t tell them.” She whispered. “Please don’t tell them.”
He finally sat down on the sofa to the left of her chair. “Why not? They’ve been looking for you for twelve years.”
“Because… because of what I am. Reggie, now they know I’m a drug runner. They wouldn’t…  they wouldn’t want me anymore.”


Honestly any time Reggie has a panic attack I just want to hug him. Usually I have Monni or Nevvy hug him for me. And any time Nevvy is ANYTHING I want to hug her. Why did I do this to my poor childs.

Tomorrow: A minor character with author-headcanon that you adore. This should be fun.


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