~#WIPjoy Day 8: Share a line that shows a character’s sense of humor~

Okay, my book isn’t completely humorless, but I kept browsing my chapters for possibly humorous lines and saying “Nope. Not that chapter. Not that one. Nope. Definitely not that one.” XD

 Reggie swung around the doorframe into the large dining room and Nevaeh smiled at the familiarity that he had with the building. A long table stretched the length of the room, a hundred chairs lining each side. Only five places were set at the far end.
Monni sat on the table, crosslegged in front of her and Regent’s seats, watching them come in. Reggie gave the seat at the head of the table and charged look before pulling it out and lowering himself into it. It hit Nevaeh like a blow that that was his father’s seat, now designated for him.
One place setting sat to his left and she quickly dropped into it, stowing her purse on the floor between her feet.
Monni stared at both of them, her chin in her hands.
“In case you’re wondering, Nevvy, she’s always been like this.” Regillion said.
Nevaeh’s gaze flicked to him, then to Monni, and back to him. “What do you mean?” she asked.
He grinned and waved his hand toward her, indicating her sitting on the table. “Like… that.”
Monni giggled like a child and spun around, swinging her legs off the table, but not hopping off just yet. “I think he’s trying to apologize for my queerness, dear. Without hurting my feelings.”


 Mrs. Potts came in carrying a heavy dish with pot-holder covered hands. Several other servants trailed after her, each carrying a pot or dish of their own. Mrs. Potts bossed and fussed them around until the dishes were laid out exactly how she insisted.
“Mrs. Potts, darling.” Reggie said in a sugar-coated tone, looking up at her. “The food still tastes the same no matter where the dishes are placed on the table.”

Tomorrow come back to see which character/s I would like to be roommates with!


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