~#WIPjoy Day 7: Did you base anyone off a real person?~

Q: Did you base anyone off a real person?

Actually YES, I did. She was more prominent in the original story, but Nevaeh’s childhood best friend and her brother Kail’s girlfriend, Elisabeth, is in honor of my best friend Vandi, who’s real name is Liz//Elisabeth. My character isn’t really based off her so much, personality-wise, mostly just her name and because she loves Kail, so I named Kail’s girlfriend after her XD

Basing characters off real people isn’t really my thing, and to my knowledge I haven’t done it in any of my other novels. (Miki from Broken Wing is sooooorta in honor of my other best friend -who is also named Elizabeth XD- but she’s not really based off of her.)

Other fun facts in relation to some of the characters are:

Nevaeh’s mother, Monami, got her name from the French phrase ‘mon ami’ which means ‘my friend’. I heard this phrase quite often in the Agatha Christi books when Mama read them to me, and I thought the combined word ‘monami’ would make a good name. Nevaeh’s mother usually goes by Monni though.

Regillion was originally inspired by Adele Loriane’s character Morgan. You can check out her artwork on her website.

(Calmly freaking out. I haven’t visited Adele’s website in ages and APPARENTLY SHE’S IN THE PROCESS OF MAKING ADULT COLORING BOOKS OF HER WORK? Excuse me while I freak out and buy all of them.)

Ahem. Yes. Moving on.

Nevaeh’s brothers are named ‘Kail’ and ‘Collerd’ and Vandi made me make their last name be Greene. I am absolutely not joking. That’s their real name.

Regent(Nevvy’s father)’s full name was originally Regency, and Regent was a nickname, but now it’s just Regent.

Nevaeh’s name is ‘heaven’ spelled backwards. For the longest time I actually didn’t have a name for her(this was years before I actually wrote Dement the first time) because I needed the PERFECT name for her and I refused to use a place-holder or anything. I finally found her name on an online-game. I bought a horse from another player and it’s name was Nevaeh and instantly I knew that was the right name.

In my original Dement manuscript, Regent is a king and Regillion is a duke in his kingdom, but Regent’s never met Regillion because Reggie actually lives on an island far to the north of the kingdom and only remotely manages his dukedom.

Β In the original draft, Reggie had insomnia and nightmares and would light literally hundreds of candles in his room at night to dispel the darkness and shadows. (he was really messed up okay XD) (also he still has nightmares in the current draft, and a bit of insomnia, but not nearly as much as he used to have.)

I’m running out of facts to tell you.

In the original draft, Reggie and Nev play a chess game in one chapter and I literally played out the game, move by move, on a chess-game-app on my computer to make sure the game was realistic and Nevaeh actually won.

Okay, I think I’m officially out of facts to tell you XD Or at least I just can’t remember any more XD

Tomorrow come back to read snippets about my characters’ senses of humor XD


8 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 7: Did you base anyone off a real person?~

  1. OH I LOVE THESE FACTS. ESPECIALLY THE CHESS ONE. YOU ARE AWESOME.πŸ˜‚ And I love how you found all their names, (though Im’ snorting over Kail Greene hahahaha).
    I don’t really base my characters off someone ENTIRELY. Just bits and pieces. Oh wait. Joey from Tremolo is pretty much based off my niece.πŸ˜‚

    1. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT //COLLERD GREENE//. Vandi is terrible XD

      Yeah, I don’t like basing characters off of people exclusively. That would be weird o__O just little aspects and ideas and like… representation, is nice. I like to look at characters and be like “That’s basically my best friend because I wanted to put her in my book” but they’re not a TOTAL RIPOFF of that person.

  2. Collerd Greene. Well, I’m in no place to laugh, not really. My name’s unusual as well. (Even my own family spelled it wrong once.)
    I also know so many other people with odd- but very cool- names, which I’d love to sneak into a story some day.

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