~#WIPjoy, Day 5: The character you relate to most and why~

Q: The character you relate to most and why.

Ugh, guys. I don’t usually relate to my characters A LOT A LOT.

BUT. I do relate to Nevvy in some specific ways. I knew she would be like this even before I knew her entire story for this draft and I knew it came from a personal part of me.

Now none of you think I have terrible problems like this, BUT.

So Nevvy was kidnapped away from her parents when she was nine and became a drug runner. She didn’t meet her parents again until she was 21 and when she did, she keeps her identity from them for as long as possible. She thinks they won’t love her anymore, or be disgusted at what she’s become and what she’s done, and not love her anymore. So save herself from that hurt and save them from the hurt of finding out what happened to their daughter, she doesn’t tell them for a long time.

NOW. I don’t EXACTLY feel that way because I’ve never been kidnapped or been through that, but I relate to and understand her struggle of thinking that she’s not worthy of their love. I relate to her struggle to think she’s worthy of Reggie’s friendship and love. I do struggle a bit, not with thinking I’m worthless or worthy, but more worthful. If that makes any sense. (Although, honestly, if I think about it, I’m not so bad as I used to be o__o I just had to think about that for a minute and now I realize I don’t have a lot of the same feelings on that subject as I used to.)

Also I have some anxiety, though to my knowledge I’ve never had an anxiety or panic attack, so when I write the scenes were Reggie is anxious or has an attack, I draw on my own personal experience and knowledge.

I think that’s about it, when it comes to relating to specific or personal things.

Come back tomorrow to hear about a character that shares a flaw with me!


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy, Day 5: The character you relate to most and why~

  1. I think books are more powerful when we can kind of slip our personal experiences/feelings into them?? Like it makes them real somehow. *hugs all the characters* *hugs you*

  2. It’s good when a writer relates to a character. I can see it when that happens, and it makes that character better for me, the reader. Chances are that I also relate to that character.

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