~WIPjoy day 4: Share a line about one of your WIP’s main emotions~


This is a really interesting prompt.

I am much too happy to oblige.

 Her meeting with Regillion had haunted her all week, her thoughts automatically drifting to them when not otherwise occupied. She couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to live like someone else; to be normal. He had probably driven home to an apartment in a small, average car. She hadn’t seen a wedding band on his finger, so he probably didn’t have a family to go home to. Maybe he had a cat, or a dog, waiting for him to come home. Maybe he was in college and had homework to keep him up late. Maybe he had a job and needed to get up early every morning.
Maybe he was just a normal guy with a normal life.
So different from her.


 Everyone was in danger because of her. She didn’t regret telling them about Horowitz’s empire, but that had placed them in even more danger and she wasn’t sure any of them were aware of it.
The best thing she could do to protect them would be to remove herself from them. They knew enough to start doing something about the city’s contamination. If she left then that would cripple a lot of Horowitz’s leverage over them.
The thought of leaving Regillion hurt more than she thought it would and tears suddenly flooded her eyes. After twelve years she finally had a friend who seemed to truly care about her, and now for his own safety she needed to get away from him.
Why did life hurt so much?


 Regillion had to physically restrain himself from walking around the table and cracking Kail’s forehead into his plate. Instead he thought back to Nevaeh’s words from last night. “I thought you wouldn’t want me around now that you know everything.”
“Oh, no.” He breathed.

AISH, for some reason Dement does NOT lend itself to having snippets taken from it. Do you know how hard these were to find???

Tomorrow: The character I relate to most, and why.


4 thoughts on “~WIPjoy day 4: Share a line about one of your WIP’s main emotions~

  1. I know I’ve said it already, but it’s worth repeating-
    Poor Neveah.
    Poor Regillion, too.
    But it’s nice getting you know your characters some more!
    This next prompt sounds interesting!

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