~#WIPjoy, Day 2: Introduce Your Protagonist’s Awesomeness!~

Q: Introduce your protagonist’s awesomeness!


Well. I have two protagonists, so they will both get their fair share of being talked about in this post. I really love writing books where there’s no ONE main character or protagonist. It’s fun to have that spaced shared by two or more characters.

Today I’ll be writing up little bios for Regillion and Nevaeh so you can get to know them better. I don’t want to say neither of them are ‘awesome’, but I don’t believe either of them are the type of character that wows the reader off their feet. And I’m okay with that. Dement isn’t a huge, flashy, actiony, epic thing of brilliance. It’s actually very gritty and horrible and scary and sad and dark. I want my characters to reflect that the atmosphere of the story.


Nevaeh Rose Green.

She goes by Nev or Nevvy in the drug cartels. She’s around 5’5 with blond wavy hair that she keeps at shoulder length. Her eyes are a rich hazel but she wears colored contacts that make them blue.

She carries a huge teal purse that has everything but the kitchen sink in it. Everything she needs to survive for a 24 hour period is in there. She also wears a crocheted beanie quite often.

I honestly love her every day clothing look but I haven’t been able to get a good description into the book yet XD She wears black. Black jacket//durable top, black leggings or jeans, possibly chain or something around the belt loops, black boots. Fingerless knitted or leather gloves. There are a lot of variations of that outfit, but that’s the general guideline of her entire closet XD

Nevaeh was kidnapped by a drug boss at age nine and raised to be a drug runner. Because she’s mixed race (nymph and human) she has a natural resistance to the drug Melorine, which makes her a better runner because she’s not affected or tempted by the drug.

She lives in a survivalist mentality, having to literally fight to stay alive in the underground city of the drug cartels. No one will look out for her except herself. The first time she killed someone was out of self defense at age 13.

She’s a decent thief, but hates stealing. Her drug lord (Horowitz) taught her how to steal and she had to learn or suffer consequences. The knife she carries everywhere in her purse was the first thing she stole in public.

To Reggie she’s a miracle. He can’t understand how she grew up in the environment she did and still have a soul. He’s amazed at how much guilt she carries over the things she had to do to simply survive. She hates his admiration because she doesn’t think she did anything to warrant it.



Regillion Demetrius Diegolo.

Goes by Reggie and Regillion equally. 6’1. Black hair, almost black eyes. He lives in a two room apartment even though he’s the heir of the current Ruling Governor. He got tired of living at the Capital Building so he bought an entire apartment building and lives in one apartment on the second floor. He renovated another apartment on the third floor to be a den for his dragon and made steps that connect the two.

He owns a dragon named Thorn who he found as a baby when Reggie was 12 or 13 and Thorn was 3 or 4. Thorn had been abandoned by his colony before he could fly and suffered from emotional abandonment and physical injury from trying to fly too young. Reggie brought him home and his dad had a den built for Thorn. The two are best friends.

Regillion was largely raised by his nurse, Mrs. Potts, who denies the fact that he’s now an adult XD She’s now the housekeeper for the Capital Building. Their dynamic is my favorite.

He suffers from anxiety and fear, largely stemming from watching his mother go insane and die in an asylum. At one point, when he was 14, she attacked Reggie and almost killed him. He’s terrified that it may be hereditary and he’ll go insane too.

To Nevaeh (and hopefully the reader) he comes across as cold and frail. His skin is naturally light, almost grey, which makes him look sick. His face is gaunt and he has a world weariness feel to him, as if he’s several centuries old instead of 25. He seems to be just going through the motions of life; existing, but not living.


That turned out much longer than I thought it would XD Do you see why 140 characters on Twitter is JUST. NOT. ENOUGH??? 140 WORDS and maybe I could come up with something. Or 791, which is what this blog post is XD

Come back tomorrow to read snippets about Dementophobia’s atmosphere!



9 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy, Day 2: Introduce Your Protagonist’s Awesomeness!~

  1. heheh yes I can definitely see why it’d be super hard to be trying to do this on twitter. 😂 I LOVE that we’re getting all the details here. And they are so cute and I love Nevvy’s beanie and also Reggie’s poor anxious soul. <3

    1. Yaaaaas Nevvy’s beanie XD That’s 100% came from that picture of her in my synopsis image. She just SEEMS like a beanie-wearing girl XD

      I TRIED to do it on Twitter in March and AAHHHHHHH. I need to tell ALL THE THINGS ABOUT MY BBYS XD

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