~#WIPjoy, Day 1: Tell us about your WIP~

If any of you were following my Twitter back in March when I did my first #WIPjoy, you’ll remember that I featured my current WIP, Dementophobia. For this #WIPjoy I’m doing Dementophobia again because I’m still working on it and it’s my main focus. It might be quite a while before you hear in-depth about any of my other WIPs.

SO. Dementophobia. I made this image for March, and I’ll use it again. It’s my working-blurb.


(I’m terrible at writing blurbs or summaries. I’m quite proud of this one XD)

Dement has had quite a long journey to get where it is right now. Regillion’s earliest versions came to me when I was about 13, so you could say this story is at least that old. It was originally a Beauty and the Beast Fantasy rewrite and I did complete the story in two novels; Dementophobia and Illuminata. I dearly love that version of it and honestly, the current version began as a sort of AU from that. My best friend and I always enjoyed making up modern AU ideas for the characters and it sort of snowballed into another whole plot. There are many similarities between this version and the original, but just about everything has been changed at least a little. Regillion’s character is such more subdued, but he still has the same anxiety and fears he had in the original. Nevaeh is more cautious and wary of the world in general, whereas in the original she was pretty naive and ignorant about the world. I’m quite proud of both of them for the people they’ve turned into.

In the original version, the main plot consisted of discovering Regillion’s past and why he was the way he was, but in this one, the plot isn’t so focused on his character and history. His life and Nevaeh’s are wound up in a plot that’s definitely outside of themselves. They’ve both been affected by it; more than either of them know. This plot concerns their entire livelihood, survival, and the survival of their society.

This was the first book that I first wrote an entire outline for. I was always a die-hard pantser before, but I really wanted to get this story right and remember all the little twists and nuances that were in my head. It’s so easy to know there’s something you want to include, but when you get to that scene, you’re so caught up in it and you forget that little tid-bit that means so much. Outlining takes care of that. I don’t have to keep the whole story in my head. Since it’s written down, I don’t stress over not writing it very fast. Everything will be there when I come back to it.

I started this draft in mid-February, wrote eight-ish chapters until the first week of March, and then didn’t touch it until this past May. In the first week of May I wrote another several chapters, and now I’m not exactly sure how I want to proceed after a major plot point, so I’m letting it rest. Thankfully, mentioning it to Cait sparked an idea, so I may know where to start when I come back to it. But I’m perfectly happy to let it rest and percolate. There’s nothing wrong with letting stories come along slowly.



4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy, Day 1: Tell us about your WIP~

    1. AUs are FABULOUS for trying out new ideas or just getting the juices flowing when you’re not sure what to do. I wrote a 3k AU for one of my other projects earlier this week because I’m stuck on Dement. It was great.

  1. AHH I SPARKED AN IDEA!! *awards self with cake* Go me. I’m ever so helpful.😂 AND YAY I LOVED HEARING THIS. Although I knew a fair bit of it, this is all still SO awesome. I love hearing how far this book has grown. Preciously little soup-addicts all grown up and riding dragons and saving the world. <3


      YAS my little babies XD In the original version Reggie was even MORE picky over his food and would crumble his bread up in his soup and watch the pieces get soggy XD Nevaeh thought it was so gross XD

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