~May recap, a couple days early~

Hey, peoples! Due to June being filled to the gills and several other things, I’m getting my May recap out early. Also because I have an exciting announcement concerning June!


I got a new job! I don’t thiiiiiiink I mentioned it before here on the blog, but since January I’ve been trying to work things out with a family who needed a housekeeper and cook. On May 16th I finally started! The family has a 12 acre dog breeding ranch and they breed Westies and Poodles. Monday the 23rd I started cooking supper for them three nights a week and they love my food XD I’m really enjoying myself. It’s always new and exciting. Every day is different from the last. It’s great.


GUYS WHAT THE PICKLE. I WROTE THIS MONTH. AFTER NOT WRITING FOR LIKE TWO WHOLE MONTHS. I wrote several new chapters of Dementophobia, which are up on Wattpad if you’d like to read them. I haven’t been writing since I started my new job, but I’m okay with that. Dement is sorta settled into this stop-and-go routine and I need some time to figure out how to take the next step. I’m only a teensy bit sorry for leaving everyone hanging on a cliffhanger XD

Broken Wing also crashed into another idea I had a long time ago that I had basically ditched. It’s all still a mess inside my head, but I think this is finally that extra bit Broken Wing needed to really fill out and be what it needs to be. I’m excited because all the characters originally in that old idea are back and kicking. The cast for that is gonna be just as large and varying as my BW cast.


I haven’t been doing much on Twitter, not officially like challenges or anything. In June Bethany Jennings is hosting #WIPjoy again which I hope to participate in. More on that later in this post.

I can’t finish this section without mentioning some of my awesome friends on Twitter. Shout out to Zac, Wendy, and Katherine for being amazing and wonderful humans. Y’all are great.


I started this month trying to partake in two Bullet Journal challenges. I believe I mentioned them in my last recap. #RockYourHandwriting and #SixWordStory. I’ve been keeping up on #SixWordStory as best I can, but I didn’t get even a week and half through #RockYourHandwriting. I did enjoy them, but life happened. I posted some pictures on Instagram the first week, but I think that was it.



Haven’t been making much or posting anything new on my Etsy shop because, again, life happened XD The one thing I’ve been focusing on making is the dragon for the giveaway I hosted last month. I confess, I haven’t finished it yet, BUT LIFE HAPPENED XD



Uhhhh. I honestly can’t remember if I read anything this month. I’ve been so, so, busy. I need to consult Goodreads XD

OH, that’s right. I read a trilogy that was donated to our church library(I’m our church librarian) and ended up liking the books WAY more than I thought I would XD Check out Lynette Eason’s Women of Justice series.

I checked out Titans and Stars Above from the library but never got time to read them. I did buy an Assassin’s Creed book, Legend by Marie Lu, and A Great and Terrible Beauty at a thrift store. Haven’t read any of them yet XD


As for blog-ish-ness, I haven’t posted since Friday the 13th (cue Twilight Zone music). I posted about my concerns over the HB2 bill, and a review for the movie Zootopia. I really enjoyed writing that review and I’m honestly tempted to try my hand at writing more movie reviews. What do you think?

I also discovered how to include a ‘read more’ tag which I’ve been wanting to do for FOREVER. I never knew how to make my blog posts look all nice and neat for my home page with those nice ‘read more’ links. NOW I DO. Prepare for ALL my posts to have a ‘read more’ option XD

Other bloggly things include:

Mirriam Neal published her second book, Paper Crowns, and I was part of the blog tour! Check out my post where I remember what it was like to read Paper Crowns during beta days, and reference Arielle’s master post for a list of all the links of the entire tour.

Cait @ Paper Fury is FIVE BLOGGLY YEARS OLD. Go read her posts about her blogging journey(+giveaways!) and a Q&A session involving lots of cake.



OKAY SO HERE’S THE EXCITING PART. So, remember how I mentioned that Twitter challenge, #WIPjoy? WELL. I’m going to morph that into a month-long blog-series thing. See, I am working every single weekday of June. I’m hosting a sleepover party for some girls at church. And I’m having a friend visit for a whole week. BASICALLY I’M NOT GOING TO SLEEP FOR 30 DAYS. ALSO: I like to talk about my writing and 140 characters + some screenshots just does. not. cut it. I’m talkative. Can be long winded. I want to DELVE into thee #WIPjoy questions. AND. I CAN WRITE THE POSTS AHEAD OF TIME AND SCHEDULE THEM TO AIR ON THE RIGHT DAYS. See how smaht I am? I’m so smaht.

So. (hopefully) Every day in June there will be a new post! And if I get a little behind, well you lucky pickles will get two or three posts per day so I can catch up XD These posts shouldn’t be tooooo horribly long, just a bit more in-depth than Twitter’s 140 characters can allow me. I AM EXCITED. Are you excited???



That’s all, humans! How was your May? Did you do anything exciting? DO YOU LIKE HOW I’M CHEATING WITH #WIPjoy SO I CAN TALK ABOUT ALL THE THINGS???

Most important: Did y’all like my review of Zooptopia? Do you think I should write more movie reviews? Help me decide on this issue.

~Your Picklicus




4 thoughts on “~May recap, a couple days early~

  1. THAT IS SUCH A COOL AND EXCITING IDEA TO DO BLOG POSTS ABOUT THE WIP JOY!! *flails* I can’t wait to read them! :D :D And aww, thanks for the shout-out about my bloggy party!! YOU SWEET KIND BEAN. <3
    Also yay that your job is being fun and exciting! It's always good to look forward to things like that, right?! I hope it continues to be great! Even if it's exhausting, hehh.
    I liked your Zootopia review! :D
    My May was basically…stressing over various writing things. Like majorly stressing.😂 So I’m kind of actually glad May is nearly over. I’M READY FOR YA, JUNE. PLEASE BE KIND.

    1. YAAAYYY. I AM SO EXCITED FOR IT. Like I still have idea how or when Imma write and schedule all those posts (I need to do like four tomorrow, just so they’ll be ready next week) BUT YAY FOR THE CHAOSITY *dances in craziness*

      Awww, I’m sorry your May wasn’t that great! BUT NU DON’T STRESS *emergency huggles*

  2. Oh the new job sounds wonderful, congrats!

    I’m glad your writing has been going good to I have been meaning to read some of your story on Wattpad, but life has been busy. I will try to get to it soon.

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