~Concerns over HB2, from an abuse survivor~

This post may be triggering to those who have been sexually abused.

A week or so ago one of my friends chatted me and asked if I had written a post on my stance on the HB2 bill. Based on some of the things I’d been posting on Facebook, she wanted to hear more about my beliefs and asked if I would write a blog post on it if I hadn’t done so already.

I’ve been planning to write one or several blog posts related to this whole issue, but due to some things that I will briefly mention in a moment, it was very emotionally and mentally exhausting to even think about. So today I’m going to get straight to the point and make this as short and blunt as I can.

I will put the rest of this post under a ‘read more’ tag in consideration for those who may not want to risk being triggered by browsing my blog.

I believe many of you know by now that I was molested around the age of five. I’ve alluded to it before on this blog, but I no longer have any qualms saying it like it is.

Having said that so everyone will know where I’m coming from, I give you this circumstance.

Assuming every transgender in the world means no harm to any other human being and they simply want to use the bathroom of their newly acquired gender. As my understanding goes, the wording of this bill is that anyone who ‘identifies’ as whichever gender they want can go into that bathroom. So. Transgenders aside.

This gives any fully blooded, natural born, Y chromosome MALE the ability to put on a wig and walk into the woman’s bathroom, proclaiming that he ‘identifies’ as a woman. What no one knows is that he is also a pedophile, a pervert, a predator.

He goes into the bathroom to lie in wait. (And pedophiles do lie in wait. The planning and scheming is just as much a part of the fun to them as the actual act.)

Now let’s say a mother of two children comes into the bathroom because her infant needs a diaper change. She struggles with the baby, the diaper bag, the stall door, etc. completely focused on the child in her arms, not the four year old playing in the sink or who she thinks is right beside her.

I will pause and say: don’t anyone say it’s this mother’s fault for not paying closer attention to the older child. She is in a woman’s bathroom. She doesn’t think she NEEDS to be a hawk over her child because there should. not. be. anyone. in that bathroom who wishes her or her children harm.

Continuing on. She focuses on changing the baby’s diaper and the predator strikes. Whether he waits until she’s not watching the other child or he overpowers the mother to get to the children, it makes no difference. A perverted male was in that bathroom where no man should ever be.

And so we have another child grow up with the same problems I have and struggle with the same things I do.

I cannot believe the general populace can be so desperately blind as to ignore this eventuality at all costs. If we really want to make a bathroom for the transgenders, by all means do so. But I would rather offend the transgenders by making a third bathroom, than sacrifice the innocence of countless children.

That is all.

~Your Pickle.


10 thoughts on “~Concerns over HB2, from an abuse survivor~

  1. Honestly, this whole thing ticks me off because male + female bathrooms are created //for the purpose of segregation//. If it hurts someone’s feelings, well too bad. Suck it up and grow some thick skin.

    A man’s feelings are not more important than a woman’s right to privacy. It’s sick and disgusting.

    I wrote a similar post a while back if it helps with any convincing to people who don’t agree with us.


    Good for you for standing up against this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa.
    There are so many controversial bills being pushed lately, bills that seem to defy both common sense and conscience.
    There is much more I could say, but I’ll leave with this: Thanks again, bless you for your firm stance!

  3. As a conservative Christian man who had also been molested, I disagree. Hopefully you are willing to hear another side of the story and allow your readers that as well.

    Although I disagree with this new “policy”, I also think us Christians are reacting incorrectly. I believe bad people will do the bad things you feel regardless of the rules. Secondly, you assume this will make people more unsafe, which I also believe is untrue. (Women are also molesters, by the way).

    A vast majority of trans people are not monsters! Neither are the real monsters stopped by disallowing trans people access to restrooms that they don’t appear to belong! For example, you would probably be much more uncomfortable with a trans man in the women’s restroom!

    If you want to call transgender people sinful, do that. If you believe (as I do) that they have a mental rather than physical problem) do that. But please, so love and compassion to these people. They are emotionally hurting. They are confused. They are in need of a Savior as much as you.

    1. If you read my post, you will notice I specifically said I was not talking about transgenders. I was talking about natural born male predators. I never said anything about what I do or don’t believe about transgenders.

  4. Then your argument is mute. It’s built off fear.

    No one will argue that malicious people should have access to their prey. This law will not protect a predator from prosecution. It will not protect women. If a man entered a women’s restroom to abuse, this prepare law will not stop him. It won’t stop women predators. It will put trans people in grave danger. They are more often attacked than the ones being aggressive.

    Most abuse is by someone the victim knows, a friend or family member – not a stranger. Your fear is misplaced.

    This proposed law appears to make sense to many Christians. But their general arguments don’t hold. By making arguments found on fear rather than fact or showing compassion, they build walls between them and the sinners that need Christ, without declaring the truth in love the gospel.

    Find compassion for people in the glbtqi community. Many of them were abused like we were. They are confused. They are lonely. Yes, you said you were not talking about trans people, but there is no way around the fact that it is about them.

    Try reading your post as if it were for segregating blacks out of your restrooms – or the poor – or the homeless – or the mentally ill – or people who dress differently – or those with a felony conviction. Your argument would hold for them as well.

    It’s not the (valid) cross dressing person you need to fear. It’s must more complicated than that.

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