~Zootopia movie~

Yesterday I took myself to the movies and saw Zootopia, an animated movie about anthropomorphic animals(a fancy word that means they act like humans). As a long time lover of Disney’s Robin Hood and other films like The Aristocats, I was really looking forward to it.

I was not disappointed.

I was blown away.


This movie’s main themes were friendship and not letting anything get between you and your dreams. I would use the phrase ‘follow your dreams’ but I think it was more like ‘fight for your dreams’.

We start with Judy the bunny as a child, acting in a play where she reveals that she wants to grow up and be a police officer. Her parents, carrot farmers as were all her ancestors, are shocked and try to talk her out of it. As a dreamy eyed child, she cannot be persuaded from her dream to ‘make the world a better place’.

We see her go through her police training and finally beat the odds to become the first bunny cop. She reaches the police station and greets her fellow officers, many of whom turn a cold shoulder to her and her enthusiasm. She is not dissuaded.

She is assigned parking duty and fights through her disappointment, challenging herself to double the chief’s taunt of ‘one hundred tickets a day’… before noon.

And she succeeds.

That night, after her first day, she drags herself back to her tiny one room apartment, her spirits finally plummeting. She receives a video call from her parents and their excitement that she’s a ‘meter maid’ drag her down even farther. But after hanging up, she rallies herself saying ‘tomorrow is another day’

I won’t recap the entire movie, but this setup is wonderful. It’s so reflective of how life and the world seem to be against us and our dreams, even after we think we’ve achieved them. But it’s also a push for us to continue fighting for them, striving for them, and not give up. Judy didn’t give up, trying to be the best ‘meter maid’ she could, and in the process, she met Nick Wilde who would later become her best friend.


Nick, a fox, is a border-line criminal. (I thought over the stuff he did and none of it is exactly illegal o_o wily fox) He and Judy have some run ins before she backs him into a corner and makes him help her out on a case she has 48 hours to solve. At first they’re just working together because they each have something the other wants, but the transformation of their friendship over those 48 hours is amazing. After a while we see them interacting with each other for each other and not just because they have to. They work together, appreciating each other’s strengths and supporting their weaknesses.

Without giving away any spoilers, there’s even one part where they seem torn apart and Judy goes back home to work on the farm. She said some stuff that she didn’t realize would hurt Nick, but that he took personally and had every right to.

Later on she apologizes, very thoroughly, even working herself into tears which really surprised me. It was a really emotionally-packed scene, which Nick lightened up with his sassy foxiness(all the while forgiving her, of course).

They work together to finish the rest of the case(which had blossomed[exploded?] into something else). They discover someone they thought was on their side is really against them and now that they’re onto her plot, she tries to take them down. Again, Nick and Judy work together and outwit her, but I thought it was an amazing portrayal of how often those closest to us, and those who we should and do trust, so often turn against us in the worst backstabbing betrayal. But Judy and Nick hung onto each other and fought through it. Together.


And that’s just it. This whole movie was about them working together. Even after Judy discovered something crucial to the case after she had gone home, when she came back to the city, she didn’t go straight to the police station. She raced around looking for Nick, wanting to tell him first, wanting his help again.

Another thing I dearly loved about this movie is the quality dialogue. Yes, there are some great sassy, sarcastic, snippy lines. But that wasn’t all there is. Like I mentioned before with Judy’s apology, the dialogue was real and quality. Even how Nick teased Judy was something I could easy see two real people doing. Their interactions were so easy and relatable and realistic.

I have to mention one more favorite part though. At the end, after they’ve defeated the bad guys and Judy’s finally put on a case of her own, Nick says “You know you love me” and she said “…Yes. I do.” And it was such a beautiful moment because it was a nonsexual proclamation of love. I don’t think this world realizes that platonic “I love yous” are perfectly okay and direly needed. That one moment portrayed so much, and so well.

The stinkin’ movie also made me cry. Guys. I don’t cry. Movies never make me cry unless they’re HORRIBLY SAD AND TERRIBLE. I cried happy. emotional. tears over this. The credits’ song hit me really close to home and I just sat in the theater crying and smiling and laughing. The credits’ song had also played a bit at the beginning and I hadn’t payed much attention to it, but my subconscious must have heard the lyrics because I almost cried then too. And then once it came back at the end and I focused on the words… yeah. So many tears. So many.



Needless to say, I love this movie and it’s instantly a new favorite. I can’t wait to find it and buy it for myself so I can watch it again.



Now go watch it if you haven’t already. That’s an order from ~Your Pickle


8 thoughts on “~Zootopia movie~

  1. AHHHH I WANT TO WATCH IT NOW. *shrieks* I almost always adore animated movies like this anyway, but ahhhhh working together and friendship are AWESOME themes. I need this.
    Also they are an adorable bunny and fox. Especially considering those animals, um, like, EAT EACH OTHER in the wild. I love this already. XDXD
    (Also the fox looks so much like the Robin Hood fox!!)

    It was so amazing. It had such DEPTH for an animated, animal movie, you know? Disney knows how to give us the feels and quality storytelling. I just loved it so much!!!

    Judy’s apology was my favorite part of the whole movie. GAH. That scene. Too much perfect.

    AND I FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT THE I LOVE YOU THING. They actually made a movie with no romance whatsoever. It was about friendship between *le gasp* a girl and boy. Unthinkable! But they loved each other like siblings and just slkdjfljsldjf.

    This movie was perfect. It just was.

    1. BUT SEE FOR ME Disney hasn’t been putting out these GREAT. AMAZING STORIES. Sure most of them are cool and good and “I like that” but I’ve never been blown away by a Disney movie before XD This was so much higher and above all the ones they’ve been putting out for… I would say ten years or more. THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH MUCHNESS.

      I KNOW. Like, you can’t ship them because they’re difference species and that would be weird, but you ship their FRIENDSHIP. WHAT A CONCEPT. I can’t even. I have too many feelings on this subject. Goodbye.

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