~April recap! Dragons, house sitting, murderous books, and journaling~

YO HUMANS. April ish finished and done so we must needs recap the month.


In my actual life, I was sick most of the month. Counting the few weeks of March that I was sick, I was sick for over a month total. I am never sick, guys. It was horrible. But I’m FINALLY BETTER, so I’m very thankful for that.

The last weekend of April I housesat for a lovely couple and took care of their dogs, cats, and goats. The goat-caring was new; this was the first time they asked me to feed all of their goats. Last time I housesat for them, back in December I believe, they had a little baby goat that needed to be bottle fed. Well, now she’s mostly grown up but they still give her a few bottles a day, so they asked if I would also give the rest of the goats feed each night when I fed her.

It rained while I was there. Every single time I’ve housesat at that house, it has rained at least one day XD There was rain in the forecast for Friday of that week and I was waiting to see what would happen. I worked on Friday, and it sprinkled off and on, until I got back to the house and then the skies opened it. It poured for a good half hour or more. It was hilarious.


While housesitting, I started reading Storm Siren, which I won from a giveaway hosted by Zac @ Bleeding Pens and Pages. I livetweeted my reactions to him throughout the book and finished it last night. Let’s just say, there was much shrieking going on on Twitter. That cliffhanger murdered me. Thank you, Zac.





Well, I’m participating in two Instagram challenges this month. And I’m not even trying to make my pictures look half-way-okay because that just won’t happen, so I’m saving everyone the trouble and frustration.

Challenge #1 is: #RockYourHandwriting hosted by Kara @ BohoBerry, Kim @ Tiny Ray Of Sunshine, Dee @ Decade Thirty, and Jessica @ Pretty Prints & Paper. I do very suggest that you run off and stalk their blogs, especially if you like journaling, planning, organization, and general motivation and positivity.

Challenge #2 is: Six Word Story, hosted by Page Flutter.

(do you see how inept i am. for the life of me i cannot. embed. images. or. links. or. anything.)

I am honestly having a ball with both of these.

I also discovered hashtags. They actually do work.


And that leads me to another new and very exciting thing that happened in my life. (okay I know ‘Other Wonderful Things’ should probably technically be at the end of the post but I’m writing this as one thing leads into another AND ALSO I’M A REBELLIOUS OVERGROWN TEENAGER AND I DO WHAT I WANT THOR.) I discovered the Bullet Journal. I will probably do a whole separate post on how I found out about it, but suffice it to say that the Bullet Journal is a combination of: Diary. Planner. Calendar. To-do list. Wishlist. Sketchbook. Notebook. Basically just everything you’ve ever needed a pen and piece of paper for- it goes in the Bullet Journal. The idea is to have EVERYTHING in one place, instead of having ten different notebooks and 89 post-it notes and 14 phone apps to keep track of everything.

And all you need is a pen and a notebook. Nothing fancy. Check out the official website for a more profession and coherent explanation.

But also here are some pictures of mine.


THERE ARE A FEW NEW EARRINGS IN MY SHOP. I have several others that I need to list as well. I finally got some half-way decent pictures that were usable. CAN SOMEONE JUST COME PHOTOGRAPH MY PIECES FOR ME. *headbang* I’m like… procrastinating even making new pieces because it’s so hard to get decent pictures so I get frustrated and discouraged. But yes. There am new pieces available. Go gaze upon their fabulous wonder.


ALSO. My dragon giveaway ended on April 30th. Congratulations to Mary Netek! She chose red and black for her dragon colors and I can’t wait to start making it. It’s going to look amazing o__o


I posted a little more often last month than I’ve been previously! I posted a recipe I half-way-made up, my views about feminism(controversial posts do wonderful things to your blog stats. Just saying), how much I laugh at life, and a review for Mirriam’s new book! (Okay I know that post was technically in May but shhh.)

I have several more post ideas in the works, of which several are on a very tough subject for me and I’m fighting the fear of how my posts will be received. So please pray for me. Though these are hard subjects to write about, I know they need to be written and voiced.


That’s about all for April! I love you all. Go be fabulous.

~Your Pickle.


6 thoughts on “~April recap! Dragons, house sitting, murderous books, and journaling~

    1. oh my goodness, thank you! I never thought my handwriting was that nice, which is why I’m doing #RockYouHandwriting, so try and make it more uniform, even when I write fast. Thank you!

  1. Oh oh bullet journals! THEY ARE SO PRETTY. (Also your doodles there are #goals.) I kind of have wanted to start one but ahhhh, I don’t think I’d stick to it. I’m hopeless at sticking to things :P
    And your product photography on etsy is AMAZING. 😍 I love the clean white professional look!

    1. OMO YOU KNOW ABOUT BULLET JOURNALLING?? At least TRY it, babe. If it doesn’t work for you or you don’t stick to it, then obviously it’s not the right fit for you. And there are A BILLION different ways to use it. Make it so it works exactly how you need it to.

      I’m actually not that great at doodling or drawing XD I’ve purposely made myself doodle in my journal to get better at it and or prettiness XD

      I use GIMP to edit my photos into that perfect white background. That’s the EASY PART. Actually getting my camera to focus and TAKE THE PICTURE is the frustrating bit XD

  2. ‘Controversial posts do wonderful things to your blog stats’ *laughs* I suppose they do. I salute you for having the courage to post them.

    I must comment about goats again. Reading about them makes me so happy, reminding me of the goats I once had. I miss those days.

    1. Thank you. It’s very hard to post about certain topics, knowing that they won’t be received well, and yet having to open myself up to possible hurt to write them.

      Goats are such funny creatures ^.^ I loved watching them and their interactions with each other.

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