~Laugh at Life~

Every time I house sit at a certain house, it rains at least once while I’m there. It doesn’t matter how long I stay, what time of year, what the weather is predicted to be… it will rain. I’ve sat there at least half a dozen times, and except for maybe once(I can’t actually remember, I’m only saying that just in case XD) it has rained every. single. time.

So earlier this week when Mama said it was supposed to rain on Friday, and I was scheduled to sit this house all weekend, I laughed.

Seriously, I am so amused by the fact that it rains every time I’m here. It’s hilarious. Even last night, after I came home from being gone nearly all day, and it started POURING within ten minutes of me getting here(despite the fact that I needed to go out and feed the goats) I was still so amused by it.

Honestly it could have been frustrating that it sprinkled all day and only started pounding once I got home and still needed to go out and feed the animals, but it wasn’t worth it. I sat inside and laughed at the rain until it lightened up enough for me to go outside.

Guys, this is how I am with almost everything. The other day I told one of my friends that I laugh at 87% of my entire life. But it’s true. Even if I’m mad or upset, I will laugh at myself for being mad or upset.

Life is just so much easier when it’s funny. And life IS funny. Life is hilarious. Laugh at it. It makes everything else so much easier to bear.

~your hilarious Pickle.


8 thoughts on “~Laugh at Life~

  1. I don’t quite consider myself a chipper person. Sometimes I’m even borderline pessimistic. And yet, I agree with you!

    Granted, there will be things in life that we will never be able to laugh at. But on the other hand, there are so many other things that we could- and should- laugh over.

    There are times when I get so mad I want to tear my hair out. But after a pause I think: this is actually kind of funny. Then I think: perhaps I could use this as writing material!

    (on a completely unrelated note- You have goats? I adore goats!)

    1. Anything can be turned around and used for writing somehow XD Once I had to pick the lock to our house cuz I locked myself outside and the only thing I could think of was “now I can write a lock picking scene accurately” XDDD

      We don’t actually have goats, but the people I house sit for do, so I have to feed them while I’m here taking care of the house ^.^

  2. YES. My life is so ridiculously insane, I learned years ago to just laugh at it. Life is a billion times better when you don’t take it too seriously. Everyone these days get so angry about the tiniest things. I don’t get it. Why don’t we all just accept life is crazy and ridiculous and ENJOY that about it?

    I love laughing at my absurd life! I think it’s so wonderful you do the same. This post was great!

  3. You have a really good attitude to life then. ;D This is something I can ever seem to be able to do. AHHHH. Good on you for laughing and just getting on with it! 😊

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