~I am not a feminist~

Just because I’m a woman doesn’t make me a feminist.

Just because I’m not a feminist doesn’t mean I think women are only good for making babies.

See the issue with feminism is that women want to be treated the same as men, right? They don’t want to be walked on, stepped on, beaten down, etc. So they wail and have hissy fits and say they’re ‘just the same as men’. They don’t want to be treated any different.

The thing is, by demanding that they are treated the same as men, these women have not improved the treatment they receive. They’ve made it worse. Women should not be treated as lessers and put down and walked over. Women should be treated better than men treat each other. So by screeching that they want to be treated the same as men, they have dragged themselves lower.

The workplace is vicious. Whether it be the corporate world of today, or the untamed wilderness of a thousand years ago, the place that men go to provide for their families is not a safe place. A thousand years ago men had to go fight bears and wolves and the weather simply to bring home food to their families every night. In many countries, men fought each other for these things.

In today’s world, men fight over the same thing: livelihood. Just because they sit around a table in suits and aren’t stabbing each other with spears doesn’t mean anything is different. Men still fight viciously every day to provide for themselves and their families.

Now feminists like to scream that when women are told to stay at home and take care of the children and the household, they’re being ‘belittled’, ‘put down’, ‘suppressed’. I DO UNDERSTAND that there are circumstances where this is true. BUT AS A GENERAL RULE it is not. Woman’s place is at home, not to suppress her but to protect her. Protect her from the vicious world outside.

So having set up that mental picture, what happens when women demand they be treated the same as men and go marching into the work world? They ARE treated the same as men. But that is not a good thing. Men fight with each other. They are designed to fight and protect. So when a woman throws herself into a man’s world, she’s going to be fought with. She’s going to have to protect herself, instead of staying in a place where she can be protected by those who are supposed to protect her. Aka: men.

Women are supposed to be treated better than men. There’s the age old phrase that women have a civilizing influence on men. WHY? Because men naturally will treat a woman better than they will other men. It’s how they’re designed. Men don’t protect each other. They don’t respect and cherish each other the way a man should a woman.

Women are doing themselves a disservice by demanding to be treated the same as men.

Now does this mean that I will sit idly by, dusting my house and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for a man to come sweep me off my feet? No. Does this mean I will let a man abuse me however they want? No. If a man touches me inappropriately, you can bet I am going to punch him. I am employed, but not in a man’s field of work. I am a house cleaner. I own a small business that I manage from home. I am proactive with my time as a single young woman. I am not waiting for a man to come and give meaning to my life. I can be protected by men, and let men protect me, who are not my husband. My stepdad and my pastor are two great examples.

Over the last 75 years, feminists have been driving men against their natural nature to protect, and forcing them to treat women as they would other men. And so because of this we now have the bathroom issue. Why SHOULDN’T men be allowed in the women’s bathroom if they’ve been taught for the last three generations that there’s no difference between men and women? And yet I’m surprised I have not heard more feminists screaming that by letting men into the women’s bathroom, they’re being ‘oppressed’ and ‘threatened’.

Math like this doesn’t add up, people. If you mess with how God made things to be, it will only snowball into greater and greater issues. Slapping duck tape solutions on every single mess won’t fix the entire problem. The only way is for men and women to return to their God-given roles in society and accept the differences God placed in us. We are different for a reason. We are not a unisex world. Civilization cannot survive unless we accept that.

~Your Pickle.


10 thoughts on “~I am not a feminist~

  1. I agree with you! I love how you were able to articulate your thoughts so clearly, every time I get into discussions on this subject, I seem to mess it up.

    1. Aw, thank you! This has been rattling around in my head for a day or so and this morning I thought it out pretty thoroughly before I turned my computer on and wrote it up. That always helps me to write clearly, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.

  2. Aw, I’m really sad you believe that feminists go around “screaming” and “throwing hissy fits”. That makes me super sad. I’d love to direct you to this article because it explains a lot of things very clearly about what feminists believe and why.
    I am 100% a feminist. I don’t believe women are designed to be protected. I don’t believe we’re fragile! I think we deserve equality and we have since the beginning of time. I don’t throw hissy fits…I hope that when I talk about feminism, I articulate my thoughts and opinions logically and passionately.
    I don’t believe every women needs to be out in the workforce or being a SEO or president or whatever. Women have the right to do that, entirely and absolutely. And we have the right to stay at home. That’s what feminists are after = the right to say what we would like. It’s in no way healthy that a man, a human, who’s just as much a sinner, should get to make any decisions for us.
    A woman’s place isn’t at home. Her place is where she wants to be. :) I don’t see that Eve was in a home, protected or fragile. Adam and Eve shared a garden, shared sin, shared a curse, shared building a life separate from God. That seems like equality to me!

    1. I would love to have a discussion with you about feminism sometime ^.^ I’m totally okay with talking to people who have differing opinions than me. Thank you for respecting my opinion and not attacking me. That’s a lot more than most people do.

  3. Oh man…. I think I agree with like, three sentences of this entire post XD
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love you amd completely respect your opinion.
    But would it be okay if I wrote a counter argument amd linked this post because I have too much to say for a comment section and I would love to get your thoughts.

  4. Is it okay if I write a counter argument as well? I’m not holding anything against you, I’m just having a really hard time coming to terms with this opinion and I’d like to discuss it. ☺

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