~Siblings and Such~

So a few days ago it was national sibling day and Cait wrote a post about fictional siblings you need to read, like, yesterday, and the two of those combined inspired me to whip up a post featuring all the sibling characters I have in my books.


First we have my 2015 NaNo, Broken Wing. Lots of siblings here. Simon and Elias and Keira are all siblings. Simon and Elias would die for each other and quite a few times also DO die for each other, and then they discover their baby sister Keira is in the same mess they are… but she can’t remember them. She has no idea who they are. She has no idea who SHE is. And so they are simultaneously angry and also in pain because #BABYSISTER but yo, she has no idea she’s even supposed to have brothers.

Then we have Miki and Silver. Man, I love these girls. In my original first draft they were together, but when I rewrote this for NaNo I separated them (#niceauthor) and put Silver into the evil-bad-terrible-scary-corporation-of-doom and Miki had no idea where Silver were or even if she was still ALIVE. That was some fun dynamic to play with.

Then we have Calvin and Graham. These two are… interesting. Graham is a grumpy potato and was secretly in contact with Calvin and never told any of his friends about it, even though Calvin is the head security guard of the afore mentioned evil-bad-terrible-scary-corporation-of-doom. Graham is a brat. They’re interaction//relationship was very interesting because they hadn’t seen each other for like ten years, but were in sort of regular contact, albeit minimal.


Then we move on to Dementophobia. There’s not too much for me to say about this because in the rewrite, one of Nevaeh’s brothers isn’t even IN the book, and her other brother doesn’t even know she’s his sister for… a while. She purposely hid her identity from her family because (SHE THOUGHT) it would be awkward to just walk home and be like “hi mom, dad, Kail” and she’s been a drug runner for the last nine years. So she pretends she’s not related to them. Basically = pain.


In Assets, I have one sibling pair, though they’re not very prominent. Lackey and his sister Eun-ah are reunited after like eight years? But Lackey doesn’t hardly remember her(are we seeing a pattern here?). But they are preciousness. I haven’t really thought about and developed their relationship much, but I’m really excited for it when the time comes.

So those are my main sibling pairs among my characters! I dearly love family relationships and I’m quite fond of the parent characters I have too.

Do you have any sibling pairs amongst your characters?

~your Picklicus.


4 thoughts on “~Siblings and Such~

  1. Now I have ALL the Broken Wing feels! D: All me bbys. *sniffles*

    I love how you add family relationships in your books. It seems kind of rare these days and I hate that. Families are the best! And sibling relationships are just way too fun to write.

    I have a few siblings amidst my stories. My favorite is probably my male and female twins. The male, Naidren, is a total introvert and quiet and awkward. While his sister Nyria acts like a 5 year old running on 3 cups of coffee or something. She’s constantly pulling him waaay out of his comfort zone and embarrassing him. I may have too much fun with them. XD

    1. Those two sound absolutely awesome XD

      I DO love having family relationships in my books! And GOOD, DECENT, LOVING PARENTS not ones that are made out to be the villains and evil incarnate.

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