~March recap~

yo humans. You may have noticed I didn’t do a February recap. Trust me, I tried. I tried so hard and I got so frustrated, so I threw it out and ditched the idea of having a Feb recap post.

Now it’s April and I’m here to tell you what happened in March.


Honestly, I barely posted. I think I posted once or twice? Just checked my calendar and yup, I posted two whole times. woooooow man. But life’s been happening, I visited my best friend and got sick and had to stay longer than anticipated, had a job interview and lovely junk like that, so blogging fell to the side. Also, I’ve been at odds with myself, trying to figure out what I want to do with this blog. At the beginning of the year I mentioned I would be focusing on jewelry and writing and books.


I decided not to write book reviews, writing has been a struggle, and as much as I wrack my brains, it’s really hard to come up with post ideas about jewelry XD BUT I have had so many ideas for other, life-style, thoughts-ish posts, but I haven’t done them because NUUUUU FOCUS.

So yeah. I’m basically gonna throw that ‘focus’ out the window and see if I can post more often with the post ideas that come to mind. I think a lot. I like to think about people and society and how people think, and so that lends to me writing LOTS of posts in my head. Hardly ever do they reach paper or screen XD I didn’t want to just throw some heated, ranty posts at y’all without warning though. I’m nice like that. So this is your heads up that I’m changing the venue of my blog posts and they won’t all be focused around books and jewelry. (Though there will be a lot of that around here still. Don’t worry. Books and jewelry are basically my life XD)


As I mentioned before, I went to visit my best friend. I brought two books with me and returned with about eight. Someone please tell me how that happened XD I also got a job! I don’t have a definitive start date yet, but I’m hired, and I’m so excited. It’s a housekeeping//cooking job for a family that owns a breeding ranch. I can’t wait to start ^^

I also turned 20, but we’re not going to talk about that. Some small(maybe large) part of my head still hasn’t accepted that fact XD I’M A TEENAGER FOREVER OKAY. Growing up is ew. Don’t do it, kids, it’s a trap.


I participated in a twitter challenge, #WIPjoy, which I really enjoyed. Every day there was a prompt to post a line or a tid-bit about your WIP. I missed the last two weeks because I was so sick. (seriously this was a horrendous cold, guys.) There’s another #WIPjoy happening in May though so I’ll get another chance at it XD


I DID actually sort of slightly maybe write a little bit. I started Dement in February actually, but around the middle of March I ran out of gas for it. I have to visualize and virtually write each chapter in my head before I can accurately and smoothly write it down, and I realized this only after I had gotten past all the chapters I had fully visualized already XD Also apparently I need a really REALLY detailed, phased outline, and after the beginning then my outline fizzled out on the details and now I’m LOST. I’m not actively procrastinating, I’m just tired and frustrated with it and life is going on, so I haven’t dedicated the time to Dement that it needs. Also Assets has been randomly flinging things at me. It’s REALLY weird, but Assets will just monopolize random songs I’m listening to and give me so many ideas and inspiration, based on the song. It’s amazing and also annoying cuz it comes at random times, AND I’m trying to work on Dement. But man, I love Assets so I’m not complaining XD

If you would like to read what I’ve written in Dement so far, I’m posting the chapters on Wattpad, so skip over there and read them if you wish ^.^



Also I got my first non-friends-or-family order! I’m so happy. AND I got my first shop review! YAY.


Since January I’ve actually made lots of new earrings, but all my photos turned out TERRIBLE, so they’re not available in my shop yet. If there was ONE aspect of selling that I could hire out to someone else, it would be the photography. Technically I don’t MIND photographing my pieces, it’s just my least favorite and it’s frustrating when I take 100+ photos, and none of them are usable because just one tiny sliver of the piece came out blurry XD So if anyone would like to take pictures for me, feel free to come over and do it XD


I am not going to post a picture of all the books I returned with from my friend’s house, because I don’t want to dig them out of my bookshelf, but I will tell you the titles XD

She gave me The Scorpio Races(Maggie Stiefvater) for my birthday and I’ve been wanting this book for AGES because it’s literally my favorite book in the world and I need to reread it. Another friend gave me three collectors’ volumes of Fruits Basket. I found Shiver(Stiefvater) at a used bookstore for 53 cents XD I had lent my copy of Winter(Marissa Meyer) to her and so she returned that. I also found a lovely earring book at another bookstore there. And of course I had the two books I originally brought with me(library books, shhh. But her library doesn’t have this one book and mine did and she needed to read it so I brought it for her to read while I was there. What are friends for XD). SO yeah I returned with about eight or nine books. It was great.


So yeah, that’s about it! I have another exciting post coming up soon involving a GIVEAWAY so keep an eye out for that XD

Love you all,

your Pickle.


8 thoughts on “~March recap~

  1. I do that thing too where I write posts in my head! …Usually at like 2 in the morning when I’m trying to sleep and will forget the brilliant lines I came up with by morning. XD

    AAAHH BOOOOKS! .> I’m now old enough to do like everything except run for office. XD And… yeah, no. WE ARE FOREVER SEVENTEEN AMIRIGHT??

    I hope your writing will go better! <3

    1. Aaaand it ate half my comment. -_- I think I said I’m sorry you were sick and that growing up is definitely a trap and that I will totally come take pics for you! XD (Ya know, once I learn to drive and have a car and lots of gas… *cough*)

      1. SEVENTEEN FOREVER YES. And please come take pictures for me XD I have a camera and everything. JUST GIT YOURSELF OVER HERE. Also because I can cook for you and all such things XD

        I’m not sick anymore! Just a little residual cough, but I’m basically all better now ^^

      2. :O YOU WOULD COOK? I’M SO COMING. (Seriously I want to visit all mah lovely internet friends someday! It would be the best. XD)
        YAY I’m glad you’re feeling better! <3

  2. AHHH THIS IS WONDERFUL, LISA. And awk, I will muchly look forward to reading your other posts and lifely posts and rants and discussions. That sounds amazing. Basically just whatever you blog = it will be fabulous. :D


    Oh oh and I miss reading Dement, but I do understand about the visualising thing! Meeee. I literally spend hours just making up scenes in my head. And I never go to write a book until I’ve got tons of scenes ready to go. (The trouble is remembering them. HEH.) But I hope you get inspiration soon! BECAUSE I WANNA KNOW ALL THE THINGS.

    Also your etsy looks sooo good and professional with the really white photos! YESSSS for doing that!

    1. omo you precious creature XD I’m glad at least one person will enjoy my posts, because they might end up being controversial XD

      YES I AM KEEPING THAT FRIEND FOREVER. SHE’S A GOOD FRIENDO. THE BEST. (i mean if someone gives me books they will basically be my friend forever anywaayyyyyy… XD but she’s an extra good friendo)

      I MISS DEMENT TOO, TRUST ME. I’ve been trying to get back and plot it, but some of my other stories have cropped their heads up. THIS IS A RECURRING TOPIC OF CONVERSATION WITH US: TOO. MANY. IDEAS. This is a legit serious problem.

      THANK YOU. I’m so proud of those pictures XD and it’s so EASY. Literally like, two or three clicks in GIMP and POW magnificent pictures.

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