~Book Haul~

So maybe last week Mama and I went thrift store shopping and I got fifteen books.


Maybe that happened.

So, hypothetically, if this happened, here are the books that I got.

  • Lost Worlds: Vikings
  • Lost Worlds: Romans
  • Beowulf
  • Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Rangers Apprentice, Siege of Macindaw

These were the first ones I found. Every time I go into a thrift store, the first thing I do is head for the book section and scan every single shelf and every single book. I don’t usually find this many at one time. I also found a copy of Rangers Apprentice, Erik’s Ransom, but I already had that at home. A part of me was still a little sad that I didn’t buy that copy and give it a good home. The Lost Worlds books are not only absolutely GORGEOUS inside and out, but they’re full of history and lore and legend so of course I had to get them.

  • Resin Jewelry
  • Mandy

These were actually from a used book store. A HUGE used bookstore that Mama and I only manage to go to about twice or three times a year. I actually rarely find anything there that I want? Okay, let me rephrase that: I rarely GET anything there. I always find books that I want, but I don’t always get them XD I got the Resin Jewelry book because I’ve been interested in learning about resin for a while, and this one seemed to be a very thorough introduction. Mama picked out Mandy for me because it’s a book she read when she was little and she wanted me to read it.

  • The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room
  • The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Miserable Mill
  • Cynder’s Midnight
  • The Rebel Pirate
  • Starflower
  • Tiger Lily
  • Captivating

I’m slowly, sloooowly collecting the Series of Unfortunate Events in paperback, usually from thrift stores because paperbacks are less than a dollar XD Cynder’s Midnight looked interesting as well as Rebel Pirate. I’d not previously seen or heard of those two, but I’m very slowly gaining the confidence to buy books just because they ‘look good’. Confession: I’m basically terrified of buying a book I won’t like, or that will have icky stuff in it XD

Starflower is by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. I’ve heard so many good things about all of her books from my friends and I want to read them all eventually. (There’s like 80 hundred books I want to read ‘eventually’.) So obviously I snatched this one up when I recognized the author’s name.

Tiger Lily I had actually seen at the used book store but didn’t want to pay $4 for it. But when I saw it here for 99 cents THERE WAS NO QUESTION XD

Captivating is a wonderful book I think every woman and girl should read if they get the chance. I already have my own copy, but I snap them up whenever I find them to give to my friends XD I’ve already picked out who I’m going to send this copy too and she’s (hopefully) unaware, so it will be a surprise XD

  • The Legend of Broken

Based on a manuscript of myth and legend and folklore about kingdoms and fantasy and rebels and outlaws and all sorts of wonderful things. Again, I’d never heard of this one before BUT IT SOUNDED SO AMAZING just from the cover blurb. So I was brave and got it XD

~Your Picklicus


10 thoughts on “~Book Haul~

  1. This stack of books looks FABULOUS. Bookstores are like candy stores… and the best part is that the candy you take home from them can be ‘eaten’ and ‘re-eaten’; it’s not just ‘oh, the candy’s gone now because I ate it all.’

    Had you read Hound of the Baskervilles before? Those Lost Worlds books look amazing. Let me know what you think of Starflower- I want to read all of Stengl’s books but so far I only have Heartless and Goddess Tithe (which incidentally, I need to read still).

    1. No, I haven’t read Hound of the Baskervilles before. I don’t USUALLY buy books I’ve already read? Unless I’m collecting a series, like with RA or the Series of Unfortunate Events.

  2. Those… ahem… HYPOTHETICAL books of yours sound amazing. XD I went to a library sale last week and got like 14 books myself. It’s a good time for books. :D I loooove used book stores. *cuddles them* I’ve actually become braver about getting books I don’t know about too! Though yes, my shelves are suffering from lack of space. *shifty eyes* Ooh, for some reason I thought you were one of the Anne Elisabeth Stengl crowd! But you haven’t read any yet? Wowness. I love your stack of books, thanks for sharing, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!! ^_^

  3. That is a beautiful pile of books…such a beautiful pile…
    But of all the titles mentioned, I’ve only read three: Starflower, Beowulf, and The Hound of Baskervilles. I recommend them all!
    Such a beautiful pile…

  4. SO MANY BOOKS. And Tiger Lily is much loveliness….although a little slow, just to me, tbh. BUT SO BEAUTIFUL. I WANTED TO EAT IT. Ahem. (Also I’m just that addicted to Peter Pan retellings, I’m not even going to deny. Ahem.)

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