~January recap~

Confession: I love writing recap posts. I love them so much I might eventually do weekly recaps. Or daily recaps. (those would either be really short, or really boring posts XD I don’t do THAT many interesting things in one day. BUT RECAPS, PEOPLE.)

Last month I seriously took notes on things I wanted to make sure to include in this post. I’VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS SINCE I POSTED MY DECEMBER RECAP POST. I’m just a random pickle of weirdness.

ANYwho. Let me dig out my notes and tell you about all the wonderful happenings of last month.

… i didn’t take as many notes as i thought i did.

Now Imma have to go by memory >.>


First of all, I GOT A BEANBAG. A GIANT, HUGE, PURPLE BEANBAG CHAIR. It’s enormous, people, and I love it so bad. It’s large enough that I can curl up on it comfortably. And that’s an accomplishment, guys. I’m five foot ten and have so many arms and legs to fold up. BUT I FITS. So I sits.


Then the day after my beanbag came in the mail(in a box so big it couldn’t fit through the door), I left for Iowa to visit my best friend and her suitor. He proposed while I was there! Coming home, I flew at night –on a clear night– for the first time and summed up the experience in this post. Basically: it was magical.


While in Iowa, my friend’s suitor taught me how to make BEAD DRAGONS. He makes gorgeous dragons of various sizes, including a very realistic replica of Smaug that’s about twice as big as my hand. Check out his facebook page for more pictures of his work: Silas Glassweaver.

And here is my little dragon I made! His name is Patrick and I love him ^^


I made some new things this month that haven’t reached my Etsy page yet. I went to the bead store nearby and found some gorgeous leaf beads and flower cap beads. I’d seen some designs like this before, but I hadn’t found the right beads to try my hand at it. As soon as I saw these in the store, I snapped them up, knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them.


I also modified a few of my mom’s necklaces, and made a necklace shortening tutorial in the process.


While in Iowa, I made a few more ear cuffs in the design I made up. I hope to get them up on my Etsy soon. They’ll be the first ear cuffs available in my shop! (They’re unofficially available already. If you contact me and order one, I will make one custom for you ^^)



Speaking of, I posted several new items in my shop this month.


Check out my Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace and earring set, as well as the new wing and key necklaces available.







Cait wrote a post about whether writers need Scrivener or not, which prompted me to look it up, and it just kept getting better and better as I realized the price kept getting lower and lower XD So I waited about forty-five minutes so it wasn’t an ‘impulse purchase’ (I don’t do impulse buying. I had to think and scream about it to my friends first) and then I convinced myself to get it.

It took me a week or so to read the exhaustive(but VERY helpful) tutorial. I had to read it in bite sized pieces. There was so much info I got a headache if I read too much of it at one time. Then I copied my outline of Dement into it and am in the process of filling and fleshing out my original outline so I don’t forget any of the details in my head. I’m SO excited. I foresee myself starting Dement sometime this month. (*cue screaming*)

I’m very happy with my decision to buy it. I made more progress in writing-related things due to it than I expected to accomplish last month.



I made the very tough decision to not review books this year like I had originally planned. I wanted to try my hand at the ‘book blogger’ mantra, but I just couldn’t juggle writing, reading+reviewing, and keeping up with my business. So after I review the couple ARCs I received, I’m going to take a step back and continue to be a pleasure reader. I do love writing reviews, but in comparison to my writing and Etsy shop, it’s really not a high priority. I’m trying to hold to the principle that if something prohibits me from writing, or horns in on my writing time, then I don’t need it in my life. Writing is seriously one of the most important things in my life, and I’m fighting to give it the priority and time it deserves. I refuse to not write.

So you may see half a dozen reviews here over the course of the next few months(for the ARCs I mentioned), but after that I won’t be actively reviewing any more books. Hopefully, though, you will get more snippets and teasers about my writing, since I’ll be focusing my time on that.



I did read some things this month. Not too many. I read all of Six of Crows, The Golden Braid, and the majority of Lions in the Garden, an ARC I received from Netgalley.

https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1423913869l/23437156.jpg https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1442837830l/25290956.jpg https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1450813923l/28267873.jpg

I also received the entire series of A Dance Of Dragons by Kaitlyn Davis from Netgalley. It’s gonna take a while to nibble my way through those. Three full novels and four novellas XD


AND. WE’RE NOT DONE YET. JUST NOW IN THE MAIL I GOT A BEAUTIFUL HARDBACK OF STORM SIREN. I won it from a twitter giveaway, hosted by Zac Tyson. It’s so gorgeous. I can’t wait to eat it. *cough* i mean, read. yeah. read it. *cough*


i totally did not climb into my light box and take a picture using the timer setting >.>


I’ve been finding new blogs to follow, and unfollowing ones I never read, and in the process I stumbled upon some gems.

Amanda @ Nellie and Co. I believe I discovered Amanda’s blog through Cait. She writes very useful and easy-to-understand blog tips and how-to’s. I haven’t had the chance to put much of her knowledge to use, but I’m excited to continue learning new things from her.

Annie @ Curious Wren. I followed this girl on twitter for who knows how long, and only when I was cleaning out old emails did I discover her quaint blog! I’ve only been actively following her for a week or two, but I love her voice and outlook on life.

Zac @ ofbleedingpensandpages. Again, I met this guy on twitter and thanks to Annie’s blog, I discovered that he launched his own blog just a day or two ago. I can’t wait to see where he takes his blog and his writing.

Go check out all these fabulous blogs and give them your support!


That’s about all from your resident Pickle. Go forth and be awesome this month.

~dis Pickle




8 thoughts on “~January recap~

  1. Sounds like a fun month, Lisa! I’m with you–recaps are a blast.

    That is one awesome beanbag chair. XD And your dragon! So cute! (I checked out your friend’s suitor’s Facebook page . . . his work is really cool.)

    Six of Crows . . . that’s one of those books that’s been following me around the blogosphere. First Cait, then Deb (I think?), now you. Maybe it means something? *eyebrow wiggle*

    Hope your February is fantastic!


      Fank yooouuuuu. I’ve been meaning to make more dragons since I got home but LIFE. AISH. I will eventually though. They’re so cute I need to make forty-five.

  2. AWK YOU’RE SO ADROABLE IN YOUR LITTLE LIGHTING BOX. :D XD And I’m so so glad you caved to Scrivener so we could have all the Scrivening flailing emails. :’) And awk, I love your Alice Necklace. <3 Alice is everything.

    And that Storm Siren cover is just about the BEAUTIFULEST of ever.

    Also recaps are fun, right?! I love them so much. XD But sometimes I don't have enough to recap so I wait and then I have way too much. Ahhh, finding the balance. It’s fun. ;)

    1. YAAAS. Flailing over Scrivener is the BEST. Scribener XDDD

      SO FUN. Eventually I’ll probably do recaps and just tell y’all what I eat for breakfast and what time I go to bed at night. I JUST LOVE RECAPING ERRYFING.

  3. Love the beanbag, and I think it’s good that you have your priorities in order. If only I could figure mine out. Did you like Six of Crows! I love the Alice in Wonderland, and the wing necklace.

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