~How I cleaned up my Pinterest profile~

Several days ago I decided that I wanted to use Pinterest as a marketing and promotional platform for my business. To do that, I knew I would need to neaten up and consolidate my boards, delete some even, and make sure my pinterest feed showed things that would help either my business or my writing.

There was a lot more work waiting for me than I realized.

So let me take you through some steps that I took and share with you the things I learned.

First, I went through and made secret all the boards that I didn’t want to be a part of my public image. Nothing bad or anything, boards I wanted to keep, but didn’t want to be out there for potential customers and clientele to see. These included some story ideas I haven’t given thought to for a long time and possibly won’t ever write and some fun crossover//collaboration stories I have with some friends. Boards I want to keep, but won’t actively help me portray the image I want to present.

Second, I took my ‘Cute’, ‘Ideas to Remember’ and some other boards like that and moved all the pins I wanted to keep to my ‘Randomness’ board. My random board is literally my junk drawer, but ‘Randomness’ has a nicer ring to it. I think I deleted at least three boards in that process. I also took all my fandom related things and put them into one board. Instead of Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Sherlock, Disney, Korean, etc. I now just have ‘All the Fandoms’.

Then I deleted an old storyboard and added ‘{storyboard}’ to each of my novel boards. I renamed my general inspiration board, ‘Off in my own little world’ to ‘Writing Inspiration and Ideas’. In this same step, I went to each of my boards and changed the cover image to a picture I thought accurately and clearly represented what each board was about.

So I got my boards cleaned up, looking nice. I was happy. Time for some well earned browsing.

My home feed was a terrible mess as well.

If I want to portray myself as a writer, jewelry crafter, and reader, I realized it would help to have my Pinterest feed by full of such things as well.

Instead I found it full of tumblr screenshots, headcanons, Disney art, funny images, and a Suggested Pins. (please tell me I’m not the only one who hates those.)

If I want my Pinterest to be an asset and a tool to my business and blog, I want my feed to only be writing inspiration and jewelry ideas. This meant going through all my friends boards and deciding which ones I truly want to follow, instead of following every single one and everyone’s boards as a rule. I even completely unfollowed some people. Nothing personal. I still love them. They’re still great friends. But none of their boards benefit me in the long run and I want to get away from idly browsing stuff that’s not helpful. Marvel headcanons and cute Disney art is nice but… how do those help my business and my blog?

So now I’m in the process of going through all the people I follow and unfollowing every single fandom board, almost every single personal board, every single funny board, etc. The ones I keep are storyboards, writing inspiration, jewelry boards, and the occasional Lord of the Rings or kdrama board.


The main things are I learned are: Pinterest CAN be a tool, but it takes work. You are not obligated to follow your friends if none of their boards interest you.

Make Pinterest work for you. You don’t have to be a slave to it’s time-sucking black hole.



5 thoughts on “~How I cleaned up my Pinterest profile~

  1. Ooh, this sounds like a lot of work. GOOD ON YOU. XD I’ve tossed up doing more business stuff on my pinterest? But it’s kind of my quiet place…like the only place I go for just purely fun pinning. XD I could start a second account but that seems like a lot of work, hehe. SO YEAH. But I’m still tempted to make some business boards!! I totally think you’ve done an amazing job here. :D

  2. Wow, good for you for getting it all organized! I admit, it sounds daunting! And I feel you with those “suggested” pins. Like go away! Just because I pinned a picture of Italy once does NOT mean I need 592 pasta recipes. STAHP. I feel like I only use Pinterest as a place to store ALL the Hunger Games pictures (and writing stuff that I keep on a private board- oh, and hair ideas, also private), so I am a useless Pinterester ;) But I feel like I have enough things occupying my time so, I will let that one slide! Great joB!

    1. Thank you! I used to just a ‘common’ pinterest pinner, you know, just repinning anything that I remotely liked. That’s not a bad thing! But now I want to focus on using it as a marketing//promotional platform.

      But you use your pinterest however you want. It’s YOUR profile ^^

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