~An Evening Star~

I opened my bag of Southwest peanuts and doctored my Southwest coffee with creamer while Enya sang gently through my earbuds.

May it be an evening star, shines down upon you.

By the power of suggestion, I glanced out the airplane window and realized it was pitch black outside, and I could see the stars perfectly. Excited, I scooted over to the window seat and craned my neck to see as much of the night sky as possible. I picked out the Big Dipper and stared in awe as I realized it was not above me, but nearly level with my gaze.

I was flying among the stars.

For the rest of my short flight I soaked in the amazing sight of those stars, thinking of the Bible verse that states “The heavens declare the glory of God”. I thought about how tiny I am, what an insignificant speck I am, in the vast entirety of the universe. I thought about how many hundreds of light years were between me and the stars of the Big Dipper, and whether or not I was truly level with them. I felt detached from the earth, for just a short while, suspended between the world and the heavens.

As often as I travel, I’ve never flown at night, on a clear night, before. I don’t have a bucket list, but this night would definitely be on there if I had one. I think I might have seen a shooting star, and I know I could see a portion of the Milky Way, hundreds and millions of stars clustered so close and far together that they made a background of hazy light.

It was beautiful.



6 thoughts on “~An Evening Star~

  1. Ohhhh this sounds AMAZING. I’ve flown several times, but never on a clear night. Wow. :O So amazing you got to experience that!! :D

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