~Winter by Marissa Meyer~

This review is long in coming, and I apologize. Writing book reviews is a struggle for me and I’m not sure why, but I’m going to try and review more books. (key word: try.)

my purdy copy of Winter. Look at all those pages o_o

BUT. Winter. It’s hard to write a coherent review and not just dissolve into GRHEGIOERHGIOREGNREOIGROEEWGIRKLHERI and feels, but I will do my best.

This review will probably contain spoilers for the previous books in this series, but I will try to keep it spoiler free regarding Winter.

Character-wise I liked just about everything that happened. The relationships, dynamics, and character growth was amazing. I try to think back to baby Cinder in the first book and compare her to this Cinder and I just… SHE GROWED UP. THE BBY. All queeny and taking over planets and in charge. Omo what happened to her.

Her self doubt was really realistic and I love that she wasn’t completely confident in herself and sometimes she thought “why in the world are all my friends following me and helping me and believing in me. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING.” again: bby child.

Scarlet is forever my favorite. Little spunky fireball of hair and sarcasm and hoodies. Goodness, I love her too much. I liked that she had a roll to play by helping Winter. I was wondering how Meyer was going to get her out of her cage and back to the gang. I think Meyer executed that part very well.

Cress: THIS DARLING OKAY. She’s so insecure and talks to herself and tries to reason herself into or out of things BUT SHE ALSO HAS SKILLZ. I love the BALANCE in her character. I don’t know if I’ve ever read a character that has such a wonderful balance of characteristics//personality verses skills or talent. She’s just… perfect, okay? Perfect.

Annnd Winter. The actual namesake for this book. I loved her hallucinations(okay that sounds cruel. BUT HER DEPTH OKAY). And more than once it was alluded to that she was stronger and smarter than she let on. I loved how she used her perceived ‘weakness’ and illness to get what she wanted or needed. SHE IS A SMART LITTLE BABY OKAY. Also someone please take her away from all the dangers and keep her safely wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. Preferably Jacin. I think he would be up for that task.

(Also let’s not talk about Jacin because though Scarlet and Wolf will forever be my favorite ship, Jacin definitely scores as my favorite guy in this entire series. He’s awesome okay.)

*sniffle* they grow up so fast. Also do you notice each one is by a different publisher? XD

The ending wrapped up a LEETLE too perfectly with a realistic blackout but… RIGHT AFTER *SPOILER* IT SKIPPED FOR THREE DAYS AND I WAS JUST LIKE “WAIT. WHAT. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AFTER *SOMEONE* DIED AND WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.” I don’t have any real complaints though. The rebellion dragged on for a little bit, everyone going everywhere and telling everyone everything and then let’s go tell everyone AGAIN. It could have been tightened up just a smidgen, but again, nothing major.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can’t wait for Stars Above to release. I might just have to preorder that one as well XD




~your Pickle


6 thoughts on “~Winter by Marissa Meyer~

  1. I SO TOTALLY AGREE. The ending was a little…easy? Like, very convenient and good triumphed perfectly and yeah….I mean it was nice?! But definitely a “fairy tale happily ever after”. Hmm. SO YEAH. BUT I STILL LOVED IT. Of course you know that after all my shrieking emails. XD
    Ahh, so they can’t decide which publishers should have this series, right?!? :P I have Fairest and Scarlet in one edition and Winter and Cress in another. D: I don’t own Cinder but I don’t know which edition to buy it in because NOTHING MATCHES ERRR.

    1. AT LEAST ALL THE COVERS MATCH. I’d rather have matching covers than matching publishers. Before I lost my Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight copies, my ToG didn’t match the others because it was the baby-face Barbie cover instead of the sword and awesome clothes artwork.

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