~Change of Venue~

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I changed my blog. I changed it right before Nano, so I didn’t make a general info post about the change. But here is that post, because there are some things I need to mention about my blog change.

This blog is cohesive in name and (soon to be) style with my Etsy shop and other social media. I want everything to be the same username, style, color, etc. That way I’ll be recognizable and start making a name for myself with my own brand.

This specifical blog will now only have two main focuses. They include writing and crafting. In those two categories will be posts about books, reading, creativity, my life as it relates to those areas, and other things along those same lines.

My blog GodsDaughter4Ever is still alive and I’m working on it to change its direction as well, but the topic I’m aiming for for it is very personal to me and it’s hard to work with it sometimes, so it’ll be a while before that blog is were I want it to be. Once it’s setup the way I want, I will probably mention it on here once and give the link, but that will be all. I want to keep both these blogs pretty separate.

If you wish to go look at my GodsDaughter blog, you’re more than welcome to, but I won’t be posting the link here in this post.

Most of this growth and change is stagnate right now because I’m waiting for my new camera which will allow me to take better pictures and post more listing on Etsy, as well as be active on Instagram and take pictures for my blog. (I’ve been tagged twice for blog tags, but they involve pictures, so I’m waiting on those.)

So please bear with me. My camera should be coming soon and then I’ll be more active and have a sort of ‘grand opening’ for this new blog theme and all my other related social media sites, as well as my Etsy shop.

Until then

~Yo Pickle~


2 thoughts on “~Change of Venue~

  1. Eeeep! This is gloriousness, and I so love your names and styles and branding. :’) YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION ALREADY. <3

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