NaNo: Day One

Today was really great. So far I’ve written 3923 words. The daily word goal to reach 50k in 30 days is 1667. I’d say I’m doing pretty good XD I’ll give y’all some snippets.

Opening line:

“…Christine reporting for IN Eleven AM. Here we are in the very heart of SceptCo. Behind me you can see these beautiful viewing windows looking over what the facility calls their ‘flight room’.”


“What do you want me to do with him?”

“Don’t talk to me right now, Calvin.”

“You will want me to do something with him eventually so figure it out right now so I can do it.”

“Calvin, I said leave me alone.”

“Actually, technically you didn’t. You said–”

“I will hit you with my screen if you don’t shut up.”


I feel her pause, then she grabs something. “Tell me if this hurts.” And she stabs a needle into my arm.

I jump, more from surprise than anything. “What are you doing?” I ask and pry her hand off my arm, needle along with it. “Yeah, that hurt. Why?”

I finally look at her face and see it covered with bewilderment. She glances at Calvin, then back to me.

“Simon, I just stabbed you. You should have screamed.”


Calvin shrugged. She heard the movement of his vest against the wall. “It’s hard to argue with someone who sports a recurve bow as his weapon of choice and has brass knuckles imbedded into his gloves.” He pushed off the wall and came closer. She leaned away until he stopped beside her and then she relaxed again. “They don’t know what to do with me, Blaine,” he whispered low enough that the microphone in the camera wouldn’t pick up his voice. “So they put me where they can still utilize my skills even if they can’t control them. Unfortunately, making me in charge of security means I’m also behind nearly every security breach we’ve had.” he paused and she saw him turn his head, a slight change in the blurry shadow above her. “Whoops, did I say that out loud?”

I’m probably going to try to reach 4k tonight after I get home from church. It’s less than 100 words, so it shouldn’t be hard XD

Good job to everyone else doing NaNo! Keep up the good work.



2 thoughts on “NaNo: Day One

  1. OMGGGGG THESE ARE SO GOOD. I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW BECAUE THEY’RE SO GOOD. I love your writing voice. :’) I’m adoring the second one the most I think. OMG.

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