Twas the night before Nano…

So Sunday is actually the worst day ever than NaNoWriMo could begin on. I either have to get up at six in the morning to be able to write a little before church, or I can’t begin until like one thirty in the afternoon.

If tomorrow was any other day besides Sunday, I would totally stay up until midnight. I’m actually slightly peeved that I’ll have to wait another entire year before I get to experience that.

Shoutout to an andriod app called ‘Writeometer’. It allows you to put in all your different projects(books, blogging, essays, etc.) and put in a total word goal, daily word goal, and finishing date goal. You put in your word count on each project as you do it and it gives you a graph of your overall progress, as well as a visual progress bar. You can decide how long ‘writing sessions’ will be and tell it to give you writing reminders throughout the day. And you gain points for each writing session you complete and you can use those points to get customized ‘treats’. Examples of mine are: cup of tea, 20 min walk, ice cream, etc. I love this app and I am so excited to start using it tomorrow.

Farewell, and good luck to those of you who will be joining me in the madness tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “Twas the night before Nano…

  1. OMGG THAT APP SOUNDS SO AMAZING. I wonder if apple has a version…*goes off to see* Although my iPod is very old, hehe, and mostly it refuses new apps. >_> But I LOVE bars and graphs! So that is immensely wonderful. I kind of wish there was a site like NaNo all year round, so you could just keep logging up words and things. XD

    1. YAS. I love logging my words. I used to keep a spreadsheet in Google docs and label each week of the year and what the dates were, and I kept track of how many words I wrote each day and then added up at the end of each week and logged that too. It’s really fun if you write a lot, but it can be discouraging if you haven’t written much XD

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