Yo humans

Heyo. So, as you’ve probably noticed, I changed my blog a bit. I was having problems with my old setup not allowing me to make new posts. I apologize for any email notifications you may have gotten of ‘new posts’ that didn’t actually exist. Hopefully everything is fixed now.

I’m definitely not done fiddling around with stuff and making it just the way I want. I’m trying to making my Etsy, blog, email, and other social media be cohesive with names and logos and whatnot. So bear with me as I still have some changes to make.

Sooner or later I’ll make a longer update. I know the last time I posted was back in June and a lot has changed since. Not that I need to tell you everything I’ve done summer began, but there is some stuff I’d like to catch you up on.

Until then, have fun poking around the new blog. I’m open to suggestions for a better layout and usability.

~yo Pickle


4 thoughts on “Yo humans

  1. I LOVE IT. And I love your new name. IT IS SO ADORABLE AND WONDERFUL. I have properly subscribed now *nods* So I should get all notifications. Squeeee.

    1. THANK YOU. I am the most adorable of all the ones, so I had to have a name that matched XDDD YAS GET ALL MY NOTIFICATIONS FOR ALL MY THINGS. Imma try to blog more often, but make shorter, undate-y-er posts. Maybe that kind of schedule will work out for me better than my sporadic randomness before. I’M SO EXCITED.

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