So you’re the guy who saved my life?


We burst out of the bunker seconds before it exploded. The man at my side shoved me to the ground and flung himself down on top of me. I could feel the heat from the flames and smoke invaded my airway. Everywhere around us, bits of the bunker and it’s contents crashed on the ground.

I coughed into my sleeve and didn’t move–couldn’t move–until my rescuer finally sat up and rolled off of me. I coughed more freely now and decided to stay laying down. I had no reason to get up yet and my heart still pounded in my ears.

I turned my face to see the man beside me. He wore protective gear and if he had been hit by any of the falling debris, he didn’t show it.

I still didn’t stop myself from asking, “Are you okay?”

He seemed startled that I had spoken and looked down at me. His eyes were hard and green, like a wall made of emeralds.

“Yes. You should worry about yourself.”

I frowned. I was okay. Aside from being winded from our run I felt–

He nodded toward my leg, probably seeing my confusion on my face, and I crained my neck to see.

The back of my right leg was torn open so deep the muscle showed–or would have showed except for all the blood. My brain realized it should hurt and suddenly it did. I couldn’t keep back the scream that forced it’s way from my mouth.

It hurt even more when my cold rescuer grabbed my leg and wrapped something around it. I tried to kick him away but he was strong. I knew the wound needed to be wrapped or I would lose too much blood but it hurt so bad I didn’t care.

“You can’t walk on your own.” he stated, and hauled me to my feet without further ado or asking my permission.

“Well, duh!” I yelled, frustrated by his lack of sympathy or concern.

“We can’t stay here. Can you walk if I help you?” He wrapped his arm around my back and I leaned on him. I could walk, but just barely. Our progress was slow and the world started moving around in strange ways. Maybe the globe was spinning faster or something. But it also wove back and forth… the earth didn’t dance back and forth… it’s so dark too. I thought it was midday.

I woke up in a hospital bed, my leg bandaged, and an IV pumping pain killers into my arm. I thought no one else was in the room with my, so I groaned and tried to push myself up.

“Not a good idea.” a firm, cool voice spoke from my left.

I groggily turned my head and squint-frowned at the figure leaning against the windowsill. He wasn’t wearing his gear anymore, and looked almost like a normal human, except for those icy green eyes.

“So you’re the guy who saved me.” I mumbled. Something else must be wrong with me because speaking was more of an effort than it should have been.

He looked away from me and crossed his arms. “I was ordered to.”

“Well, thanks anyway.” I let myself sink back into the pillows.

“It was a job.” his voice cut the air on it’s way to my ears.

“You still saved my life whether it was an order or not.” I snapped. “Excuse me for showing a little gratitude.”


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