777 Writing Challenge Taggy

Yay for tags! I love tags. Seriously, people, tag me in all the things.

Deb tagged me in this challenge and the idea is to go to your WIP, scroll to the seventh page, go to the seventh line, and post the next seven lines//sentences in this post.

So my primary WIP isn’t at seven pages yet, so the other one that I’ve put on hold was the next choice. The lines turned out to be kind of disturbing, when taken out of context XD

“I’ve been following you around for a week. Now get your spare card for me and this can all be over. You can even call security on me if you want.”

“If I wait long enough, they’ll come anyway. They’re suppose to know where you are at all times.”

I shrug. It’ll be ugly if they decide to attack me.

“Please, just get me the card.”


I eye the locker. It’s just a metal cabinet with a lock. I might be able to break it open with my hands, but I don’t want Brittany to get away before I get the card. It shouldn’t be too hard to keep her cornered.

(that was more like nine or ten lines because I wanted to finish the paragraph and not leave you hanging–too bad XD)

Anyway, that’s Broken Wing with my bbys Simon and Brittany.

Oh, and you’re supposed to tag seven other people.









8 thoughts on “777 Writing Challenge Taggy

  1. AWWGSH MAH SIMON BBY <3 I love that snippet. XD It DOES sound bad out of context… *giggle* It's just so funny to see where these things land! :)
    TAGS YESH. I have several to get around to doing… if I do I'm totes tagging you since you said that. XD

  2. I’m finally reading Broken Wing, and I just read that part like a few days ago. ^_^ LOL, Simon does sound a bit stalker-ish, taken out of context. XD

      1. IT’S AWESOME. I haven’t yet gotten past the beginning part that I’ve read already. I got to the end of chapter 3 and realized chapter 4 was missing. :P I must’ve done something weird when I copied and pasted it all onto a document… Anyway, I’ve found chapter 4 and plan to keep reading today! BUT SIMON, YESH, POOR GUY. AND ELIAS. And Brittney is adorable. <3

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