Yo peepin’s. Sorry I haven’t been around much but life is busy and I have jobs and adultages. I had a birthday, which means I survived my first whole year being an adult. I turned 19 and I made a 20 before 20 list except there’s only ten things on it because I haven’t actually finished it. BUT I have my whole life to finish it because I’m not going to turn 20. I’m going to be nineteen for there rest of my life XD

Last night I dreamed I was writing up a really long blog post but I can’t remember what it was about otherwise I would rewrite it for y’all XD I’m sorry.

I’ve been taking walks in the morning lately and enjoying God’s amazing creation. Our neighbors have peacocks and they’re calls are the most beautiful sound in the world. I love them.

Haven’t read since last Monday? Gaaaahh. And there are so many books I want to read. I’m beginning to think my goal of 50 posts and 50 books might not be accomplished this year. See, I’m going to be working full time this summer so I MIGHT have been able to attain those if I wasn’t working so much.

But I’m not complaining at all. I’m very thankful for these jobs and the opportunity to save money(more adultishness bleeeh). I have two babysitting jobs and a housecleaning job. I love my kids and I’m so looking forward to spending the whole summer with them. I was chatting with my best friend and talking about my jobs and she said “The thing with you is a job is never just a job”. It’s so true XD I love these kids and I almost don’t care about the money anymore. I just want to help them and spend time with them and see them change for the better as they grow up.

I’m hoping to buy a tablet in a couple months so I can pre-write blog posts while I’m working and then post them on the weekends or the evenings when I have internet. I’m beginning to think I won’t have hardly any time for internet during the week, and the weekends when I’m home will be filled with chores and other home things I can’t do during the week. Which is fine, I just want y’all to know ahead of time in case this blog gets dusty in the next few months. It does many me sad because most of my friends are internet friends and I don’t want to leave them for three or four months, but such is life. We’ll live through it XD

I love you all and I seriously miss blogging. You’re all awesome. Keep it up.




2 thoughts on “Heya

  1. OMG I AM GOING TO MISS YOU. :( But still I’m glad you’re doing great things and enjoying your jobs!! Enjoying jobs is sooo goooood. My favourite thing is to babysit my niece/nephew but, um, I’m an aunt and don’t get paid. Not that I mind but I really wish I could look after them for a living. Haha.

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