Hallo Cucumbers

Because I’m a Pickle and you read my blog so therefore you are a Cucumber. So much sense.

But this Pickle has been adulting quite a lot lately and I have a book review and February’s Beautiful People to post about.

(Srsly it’s about shipping and I have to pick ONE OF MY SHIPS to talk about and how even do I pick one.)

(Aha, I will make you pick for me.)

Anyway, I have no forgotten about you or this dear blog I’ve just been horrid busy. I’ve literally been working//going somewhere every day of this week, Monday through Saturday. I’m not complaining at all because I’ve finally found a decent amount of work and I’m very grateful.

It just means I don’t have as much time to blog or read or write. (Actually I have been reading more and my writing is on pause for the present time because I need to find a plot for Broken Wing. Pantsing is cool and all until you run into a brick wall and get a bump on your head and then decide following a set path isn’t just a boring idea afterall.)


Pick your ship.

I even allowed you to pick three answers. Now halp me because I can’t pick just one I love them all so much.

Edit: AAHHHH I FORGOT COLLERD AND SEYA. You can vote for them in the comments ^^



6 thoughts on “Hallo Cucumbers

  1. I EMBARRASSINGLY DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR BOOKS. SO ALL THE SHIPS! haha. But really… ;-) OOH, I like being a cucumber. And also GOOD ON YOU for adulting! I was really out and about last week and this week I have…um…left the house basically once. 0_0 Erk.

    1. WELL ASK AWAY. Regillion and Nevaeh are my B&B rewrite. Simon and Brittany and Elias and Miki are from Broken Wing, my sci-fi one. Kail and Elisabeth are from the B&B too, Kail is Nevaeh’s brother and Elisabeth is her best friend. Jared and Manga (Janga XD) are from Goth Girl, my contemporary about fostering and abortion and stuff like that. And Collerd and Seya are a sequel to the B&B. Collerd is Nevaeh’s OTHER brother and Seya is a sea nymph ^^

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