Mini-views: The Littles and Grandma’s Attic

Since all these books are short then I will combine their reviews.,204,203,200_.jpg

I’ve loved this series since Mama started reading it to me when I was like eight or ten or something. I recently found out that we did NOT have the last three books though and this one, apparently, is the last one, so I still have two other books to go dig up.

Anyway, I loved this, as I knew I would. I’m not sure what to say about it but it’s about Mabel and Sarah Jane as they have their children and they grow up. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Four stars.,204,203,200_.jpg

Yuuuuuuus, these books again. I read all three of them in the same day but they ARE baby kids books and I also don’t care. I loved them. (Well, okay, I loved two of them.)

Four stars.

This one was cute and I loved it as well ^^

Four stars.,204,203,200_.jpg

This one I did not love. As you can see from the cover, it was written by one Joel Peterson and not John Peterson, the original author of the whole series. I did not notice this until after I brought them home, but you can tell this one wasn’t written by John Peterson. The idea of the story is still good, but the characters aren’t right at all. I kinda liked this one, but I was very peeved with how Joel Peterson handled some of the characters.

Two stars.

I know these were more like micro reviews instead of mini reviews XD I’m horrible at reviewing books I guess unless I write a 1500 word in depth overhaul review. I’m sorry.



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