January’s BP: Author edition

This little Pickle completely forgot about January’s Beautiful People linkup and I HUGELY wanted to do it. What better way to be reminded that I forgot than to see Cait post about February’s BP.

So. I’ll do both Beautiful People linkups, in two posts.

January’s BP is Author edition which means I get to talk about myself. Let’s see if I can remember enough about me to answer the questions.

The linkup is closed but here’s Cait’s original post about it.

Le button. Because Cait commands that we steal it from her and put in our posts. Such bossiness, Cait.




1. How many years have you been writing? When did you officially consider yourself a ‘writer’? This is two questions in one, Cait. You have misrepresented the number of questions in this questionnaire.

Anyway. About the questions in question(oh my word I’m so funny). The first ever story I wrote was about a fish and I was about seven or eight when I wrote it. After that I dabbled in stories about my Breyer horses and some of them I tried to write down. That was when I was about ten-ish I think. Then came A Girl Named Andy that I wrote a whole fifteen pages of in a wide rule notebook. Wooooow go me. Not sure how old I was, but I still have the book that inspired that story XD When I started Ellen and Donna’s stories I was probably around thirteen. That was really my beginning I would say. I don’t think I ever really took myself seriously until after I finished Rasberry’s story and showed myself that I could actually finish a book. I didn’t seriously start writing or call myself a real writer until two years ago, right after I met Mirriam. I guess she’s always been my original inspiration and the person I look up to the most when it comes to writing.
2. How/why did you start writing? I started getting story ideas from books I read and loved. At the beginning there never was a thought of “I want to be a writer” or “I have a story burning inside of me” sort of thing. I just had ideas so I wrote about them and after a while I realized how much I loved it and I wanted to keep doing it.
3. What’s your favorite part of writing? I haven’t seriously edited anything of mine yet, but the little bit I have done I don’t mind. I love it all I guess, but I think the relationship and interaction I have with my characters, especially inside my head, is awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
4. What’s your biggest writing struggle? Writing. Seriously. Once I get into it I’m usually okay, but every day when I open the document and start out with no momentum, it’s so haaaaarrrd.
5. Do you write best at night or day? Both? It changes, I think. A while ago I noticed that I wrote much better and with more energy when it was later in the day, but sometimes I have direction and inspiration so I want to write as soon as I turn my computer on. So I guess it’s subjective.
6. What does your writing space look like? (Feel free to show us pictures!) Yeah, um, no. The corner where my desk is is… um…. yeah.

Okay, fine, I’ll show you a picture.


I didn’t pick up one thing from that corner before I took a picture. I don’t just write here. I crochet, I sew(see sewing machine in left corner of desk and sewing box in right corner), I paint(obviously, look at the easel), I make jewelry(all my jewelry stuff is put away in the dresser that you can barely see on the left side of the my desk). I have a big white board and a peg board. And a small folding table. So yeah. This is my writing space. Remember, you asked for it.
7. How long does it typically take you to write a complete draft? Every draft is different. Dement took my about two and half months. Illuminata took six I think, and I’ve been writing Broken Wing since July and I’m only in the middle-ish part I think.
8. How many projects do you work on at once? One. Last summer I tried to do two just to see if I could, but Oceanus got pushed to the back burner after four chapters and Broken Wing took off. I plot and plan a lot of other novels while I write my main one, but I only ever write one at a time.
9. Do you prefer writing happy endings, sad ones, or somewhere in between? All of the above, mixed together, and simmered on low for five minutes. I like powerful endings that are sad and happy at the same time. I don’t like really sad endings for the end of a series or standalone book, but I do like then for the end of a first book in a series; the kind that rips your heart out and makes you claw for the next book. (basically the kind of ending I’m planning for BW, if it ends up being more than one book.)

(actually, who am I kidding. It’s still gonna have a sad ending, but I also want it to be satisfying.)
10. List a few authors who’ve influenced your writing journey. Mostly my writing friends, Mirriam, Ashley, Rana, Vandi, and so many others. Nearly every book I read inspires me to write something new or try out something I’ve never thought of before. I definitely have to mention Tolkien, because it was LOTR fanfiction that really spurred me on to start writing and the wonderful storytelling and the giant scope of his world is a constant inspiration to me. But mostly it’s my friends who write along side me who influence and encourage me the most.
11. Do you let people read your writing? Why or why not? I used to be terrified of letting anyone but my childhood friend Elizabeth and my other best friend Elizabeth read my stories when they were in the very first stages of life. (All three of my best friends are named Elizabeth, just to clarify XD) When I started this blog and the only thing I had to post were snippets of my writing, I never thought twice about posting them. Now I’ll let just about anyone read my stuff as long as they ask first and sound genuinely interested. I know the struggle of letting other people see your precious words, but really, beta readers and fellow writers are the best people you could ask for for readers.
12. What’s your ultimate writing goal or dream? To publish my books and inflict–ah, I mean, share my stories with the world XD
13. If you didn’t write, what would you want to do?  Shrivel up and die.
14. Do you have a book you’d like to write one day but don’t feel you’re ready to attempt it yet? I have an Arthurian Legend idea rattling around in my head but I know it will take quite before it’s ready, if I’m meant to write it. I’m pretty confident that if I had a good outline, I could write any of the ideas I have in my head, but that one is probably the biggest.
15. Which story has your heart and won’t let go? All of them? They’re all close to my heart but Dementophobia is definitely my original baby and it will always be special to me in it’s own unique way.



5 thoughts on “January’s BP: Author edition

  1. *uses Otter voice:* I LOVE DIS.
    Yes you are so funny. XD
    I love your writing corner!
    Arthurian? OH MY GOODNESS I WOULD LOVE YOU. (I already do, but you surely see my point. XD)
    Nooooooo Broken Wing is going to be saaaad? D: *cries pool of tears*
    All Elizabeths? Niiice. XD That makes things simple…
    Also I love that your first story was about a fish. (THINK OCEANUS! :D Old ideas linger and are the best. ;))

    1. (actually it was a story about a fish being chased by a shark and it was an allegory XD)

      yus of course Broken Wing has sadness. Did you think a story like that would end happily ever after?? XD


  2. OH I AM GLAD YOU DID THIS ONE. It’s been one of my favourite sets of questions so far, tbh. xD Ohhh your writing corner of arts and awesome is GREAT. My desk is a hopeless mess like 90% of the time and I never ever write on there because OTHER ARTY PROJECTS. (Speaking of which, we gotta do some project sometime!)
    And me too…I hate starting to write. It’s the worst. Once I get past 10K or whatnot, I usually am fine but it’s the START. IT BURNNNS US PRECIOUS, IT BUUUURNS.

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